Tuesday, 23rd April 2024


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SSG Lee Won-jun suspended for assaulting junior with baseball bat.

The SSG of the Korean Baseball Organization has released pitcher Lee Won-jun after he was found to have assaulted a teammate.

The SSG announced today that it has requested a waiver from the KBO after the club’s own disciplinary committee decided to suspend Lee Won-jun for assaulting a junior with a baseball bat yesterday.

“We viewed this incident as a serious matter that hindered the development of baseball and imposed the strongest sanctions,” SSG said, adding, “We will take action against the other two players who ordered the assault depending on the outcome of the KBO’s punishment committee.”

Recently, 카지노사이트킴 it was revealed that SSG’s second-team squad had ordered juniors to “hit and run,” and Lee Won-jun was assaulted in the process.

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