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Why ‘Following’ is thriller with twist of humor

Byun Yo-han, left, plays the role of Jeong-tae in the new thriller film “Following.' Courtesy of Content ZIO

Our movie has a very fast-paced and captivating story, along with a lot of humor,” the film’s director Kim Se-hwi told The Korea Times during an interview at a cafe in Jongno District, Seoul, Wednesday.The mystery thriller, set for release on May 15, follows realtor Jeong-tae (Byun Yo-han) who has a perverted hobby. He enjoys peeping into other people’s lives, sneaking into their homes using the keys his clients left for him.

One day, a social media influencer, So-ra (Shin Hye-sun), catches his interest after seeing her posting a vegan salad as her meal on Instagram while eating a sausage. When she visits his office as a client, he takes the chance to make frequent secret visits to her home until one time when he finds her dead inside. He realizes he must uncover the true culprit to exonerate himself.Byun noted this film sets itself apart from other thriller genre works as it also has a light-hearted sense throughout.“The film is both easygoing and also brings laughter. It’s a heavy topic but has a light sense to it, which makes it different from other thrillers,” he said.This film is the directorial debut for newcomer Kim Se-hwi, who took part in co-scripting the 2016 war action film “Operation 스포츠토토존 Chromite.”

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