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Former judoka Yang Seo-woo (renamed Kang Yoo-jung by the Suncheon City Government), whose “shaved head fight” at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics caused a stir, rescued a beachgoer who was swept away by a wave “Yang Seo-woo rescued vacationer A (78) at Manipo Beach in Taean on the 5th,” the Suncheon City Office said on the 9th. “The rescuer was swept to the depths beyond his reach due to a sudden rip current phenomenon, and while his family was anxiously waiting for the 119 rescue team, Yang Seo-woo, who witnessed the situation, risked his life to jump into the sea and rescue him Yang’s good deed came to light after the rescuer’s daughter contacted the Sports Industry Department of the Sun City Government Yang left without revealing his identity, but when he heard people talking about him as a judo athlete, he contacted Suncheon to thank them “I went to Man lipo Beach with my mother, who is a haenyeo, and saw my grandfather hanging on to a tube and floating away,” Yang told Yonhap on Tuesday. “My family members were stomping their feet and crying, so I jumped right in,” he said” I swam with the idea that I had to rescue 스포츠토토링크 him,” he said. “I was out of breath halfway through, but I saw him and swam on “I learned to swim in the sea from my mother, who is a seaman, so I was able to rescue him,” he said. “Anyone who can swim would have jumped in. I’m ashamed of myself for doing the obvious Yang shaved his head white at the Tokyo Olympics in July 2021Yang, who was battling various injuries at the time, had balance issues that affected his weight management and struggled during the weigh-in a day before the competition After squeezing every drop of water out of his body and still weighing 350 grams more than the standard, he shaved his head white with stationery scissors to pass the weigh-in Despite his dehydration, he pushed through the competition, losing in the round of 32 and failing to win a medal After the Olympics, Yang changed his name and moved up to 52 kilograms to take on new challenges “I’m training hard for the national championships in October and the national trials in November,” he said. “I’m determined to qualify for the Paris Olympics next year and fulfill my dream of winning a medal, which I didn’t achieve in Tokyo

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