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“The opponent’s defense that sticks so hard”…Protecting the cheeks that are bound to be injured

Seoul SK won a thrilling come-from-behind victory of 94-91 in the sixth round of the regular league against “2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball” KT at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 8th.

SK Kim Sun-hyung scored 33 points, Jamil Warney 29 points, Heo Il-young 15 points, and Choi Bu-kyung 10 points, leading the team to victory. With 28-18 losses, SK decided to advance to the playoffs regardless of the remaining games.

KT took the lead in the first quarter. Jones, Yang Hong-seok and Ildefonso scored 25 points and made a relentless attack. Finished the first quarter 29-19.

On the contrary, SK came to life in the second quarter. Kim Sun-hyung and Warney came to life and pressured KT. He turned the tables for the first time with three minutes left. KT took the lead again in the second quarter with 46-42, and the third quarter ended with a 74-74 tie.

KT Han Hee-won, SK Oh Jae-hyun and Song Chang-yong jumped in to catch the loose ball that bounced off the fourth quarter ring. Han Hee-won, who caught the ball first, managed to catch the ball in front of the line, but was blocked by Oh Jae-hyun and Song Chang-yong’s defense.

In particular, Oh Jae-hyun’s pressure defense had a fierce physical fight. After that, he lost his balance of Han Hee-won and had the ball until the moment he fell on the court, but threw it for Oh Jae-hyun’s touchout. It could have led to an injury. 토토

Both players showed strong determination in the match. Oh Jae-hyun’s foul ball was owned by KT. Oh Jaehyun fell down, too He held Han Hee-won’s hand as he stood up and expressed his sorry, and Han Hee-won also smiled and moved to the opponent’s court.

In the 86-86 tie with three minutes left, Kim Sun-hyung took the lead with two consecutive three-point shots, KT Ildefonso missed both free throws, and Ha Yoon-ki ended the game with a painful error.

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