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The Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball Team Coaches

Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team coaches analyze power in Taiwan on the 23rd

The Korean baseball team, which is challenging for a fourth consecutive Asian Games gold medal,

analyzes the strength of another rival, Taiwan, this time.

Baseball League

Cho Gye-hyeon, chairman of the KBO Power Reinforcement Committee, Ryu Joong-il

National team coaches, and Ryu Ji-hyeon, Kim Dong-soo, Jang Jong-hun, and Lee Jong-yeol coaches will go to Taiwan on the 23rd

to watch the six-day Taiwan Professional Baseball League (CPBL) game

closely watch the players who will play for the Taiwanese national team. 카지노사이트

In mid-July, the national team coaches, including Chairman Cho and coach Ryu,

went to the Tokyo Dome, Japan,

Closely observed the candidates for the Japanese national team

from unemployed baseball who participated in the Japanese city-to-city baseball tournament.

Asian Games

Asian Games baseball unfolds as the ‘Three Kingdoms’ of Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Since it became an official event at the Hiroshima Games in 1994,

Korea has won the championship five times, the most,

while Japan and Taiwan have reached the top once.

According to officials of the national team, Japan, which won the World Baseball Classic (WBC),

the world’s strongest baseball match this year, is a good candidate for the gold medal in the Hangzhou Asian Games

as it has a level of professional baseball skills comparable to that of the pros.


It is known that Taiwan will send its elite members consisting of its own professional league,

unemployment baseball team, and American professional baseball minor league players to the Asian Games.

The prevailing prospect is that Taiwan will also summon the strongest members for military service benefits to enjoy when winning.

In order to escape public criticism of the ‘military service benefit team’, the Korean baseball team,

which consists of 21 players under the age of 25 or under the age of 4 years of professional service and 3 wild cards of ‘under the age of 29’,

has restrictions on age and professional years.

Because of this, in terms of career and skills,

it is evaluated that it does not reach the previous national team.

Lee Jung-hoo

Even Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom Heroes), the national team player, finished the season early due to ankle surgery, further weakening his power.

In the end, it is a board to rely on the discernment and microscopic analysis of experienced coaches.

If young players win 4 consecutive Asian Games, it motivates the national team coaches

in that they can shoot up new hope for Korean baseball, but conversely,

poor performance reaffirms the weak international competitiveness of Korean baseball,

which is a burden the coaches feel. This is not small.

The KBO Secretariat and the Power Reinforcement Committee recently started preparing to support the national team

by touring the baseball field where the Hangzhou Asian Games

are held and searching for a base camp in the nearby area.

National Team

He also analyzed videos of Japanese national players,

Taiwanese unemployed baseball players, and Taiwanese minor leaguers in detail,

risking life and death to support the Asian Games national team.

The national team is about to confirm and announce replacement members to replace injured players

such as Lee Jung-hoo after watching the development of the KBO league regular season until September.

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