Tuesday, 21st May 2024


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Taebaek City hosts the Fall College Football League Tournament for the 14th consecutive year

18th 1st and 2nd grade college soccer league match

Taebaek City in Gangwon-do announced on the 9th that it had hosted the 60th Fall University Football Federation Game in 2024.

This is the 14th consecutive year that the city has hosted the Fall College Football League Game.

In addition, the city hosted the first- and second-year college soccer league match for four consecutive years.

The 60th Fall College Football Federation Game will be held in Taebaek for 17 days from August 9 to 25, and the 19th Freshman and Sophomore College Football League Game will be held in Taebaek for 16 days from July 2 to 17.

Meanwhile, Mayor Lee Sang-ho and City Football Association President Park Moo-kyung have done their best to host the fall University Football League Games.

The city plans to do its best to successfully host the fall College Football League Games, from competition preparation to game operation to providing convenience for players and coaches and visitors.

Mayor Lee Sang-ho said, “This year, we will do our best to host more than 60 national and provincial level competitions to revitalize the local economy and strengthen the city’s status as a special zone for high altitude sports training centers.” 한국야동

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