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Shin Jeong-hwi Fails to Advance to the World Swimming 10m Diving

Shin Jeong-hwi Fails to Advance to the World Swimming 10m Diving Finals… Going to the Olympics is Confirmed

Excluding players who have already qualified for the Olympics, they are included in the top 12

Shin Jeong-hwi (22, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) failed to advance to the finals of the men’s 10m platform diving event at the World Aquatics Championships.

Shin Jeong-hwi earned a total of 302.55 points from the first to sixth periods in the men’s 10m platform semifinals at the 2024 World Championships held at the Hamad Aquatic Center in Doha, Qatar on the 10th, ranking last among 18 competitors. 먹튀검증

The top 12 semifinalists will compete in the finals on the morning of the 11th.

Shin Jeong-hwi, who scored 379.85 points in the previous day’s preliminaries and ranked 12th out of 46 people, dropped to 18th place in the semifinals.

However, they secured a spot at the Paris Olympics.

The men’s 10m platform is an official Olympic event.

In diving, qualifications for the Paris Olympics are distributed to the National Olympic Committee (NOC), not to individual athletes.

The International Aquatics Federation has decided that the method of distributing qualifications for the Paris Olympics for the individual diving event will be ’12 tickets for the 2023 Fukuoka World Championships, a maximum of 5 tickets for each continental championship, and 12 tickets for the 2024 Doha World Championships.’

Each country can obtain a maximum of two tickets to the Paris Olympics in the men’s 10m platform.

China and Great Britain secured two spots for the Paris Olympics in this event at last year’s Fukuoka World Championships,

so they cannot add an additional Olympic spot for this event.

In Doha, a total of four players, two from China and the UK, advanced to the semifinals.

In addition, Mexico and Canada, which secured one spot in the Fukuoka competition,

produced two semifinalists in this competition.

Mexico and Canada can only add one ticket to the Olympics in this competition.

In the end, ‘4 athletes from China and England, and 2 athletes from Mexico and Canada’ were excluded from the rankings for distributing qualifications for the Paris Olympics,

and as soon as Shin Jeong-Hwi advanced to the semifinals.

He was confirmed to be in the top 12 among athletes from countries that did not qualify for the Paris Olympics. did.

Korean diving includes Kim Su-ji (25, Ulsan Metropolitan City Hall),

who won a bronze medal in the women’s 3m springboard, Woo Ha-ram (25, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation) and Lee Jae-kyung (24, Incheon Metropolitan City Hall) in the men’s 3m springboard

Shin Jeong-hwi in the men’s 10m platform, and women’s 10m platform. 10m platform Kim Na-hyeon (20, Gangwon Provincial Office) earned the right to participate in the individual event at the Paris Olympics through this competition.

A total of six people have confirmed their participation in the Paris Olympics,

including Kim Young-taek (22, Jeju Provincial Office),

who won a ticket to Paris in the men’s 10m platform at last year’s Fukuoka Games.

In the men’s 10m platform semifinals on this day, Cao Yuan (29, China) took first place with 492.75 points.

At the Olympics, Cao Yuan won two gold medals in individual events in Rio de Janeiro (3m springboard) in 2016 and Tokyo (10m platform) in 2021,

but at the World Championships, she won three gold medals only in synchro events in which two people run together.

In Doha, he will aim to win his first individual event at the World Championships.

Randall Willas (21, Mexico) took second place with 468.55 points, and Yang Hao (26, China) took third place in the semifinals with 468.15 points.

North Korea’s Lim Myeong-seong (22) finished in 14th place with 383.45 points and failed to advance to the finals,

but gave North Korea one ticket to the Olympics. 카지노사이트

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