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Seoul’s international street dance festival to kick off on Nodeul Island

People enjoy a breakdancing competition on Nodeul Island in Seoul. Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government

An international street dance festival, showcasing a variety of street dance genres including breaking, which has been newly selected for the 2024 Paris Olympics, will take place at Nodeul Island in Seoul from Friday to Saturday.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC), the two-day festival named B.Dance Seoul will be held this week, offering a range of competitions, performances and events.

Since 2022, the city has hosted the street dance festival as a one-day event focusing on a single genre each year. This year, the city government and SFAC have expanded the event into a two-day festival, encompassing a wider array of street dance genres including rocking, waacking, hip-hop and choreography.

In addition to dance competitions, the festival will feature hip-hop music performances and street culture experience programs, offering various cultural experiences.

The festival will run from 1 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on the main stage at the lawn of Nodeul Island and throughout Nodeul Square. Under the slogan “Beat and Bounce That Will Make You Dance,” the event will feature a variety of dance competitions and performances.

Notably, the festival offers a chance to enjoy an international breaking competition ahead of its debut at the Paris Olympics in late July.

A total of eight teams, comprised of top domestic and international competitors, will challenge each other and determine the winner of the International Breaking Crew Battle on Friday. Renowned European teams, the Ruggeds from the 안전 Netherlands and Legiteam Obsession from France, will join in a quarterfinal tournament with six domestic teams that advance from the preliminary rounds.

In addition to the main competition, the festival will host the Judge Show, where both domestic and international judges, including renowned b-boys Lil G from Venezuela and Ayu from Japan, will showcase their skills.

On Saturday, the festival will feature an expanded lineup of street dance competitions, enhancing its appeal.

During the day, dancers will compete in an open-style three-on-three battle, showcasing freestyle moves to a DJ’s music.

In the evening, the festival will showcase an open-style performance contest, a format which is often seen on TV shows, for the first time. The final winner will be determined by combining the jury’s scores with on-site votes from 100 citizen evaluators, who were publicly recruited in advance.

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