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Park Geo, Ceremonial Master: “Samsunjung, I must take revenge”

Park Geo (18, 180 cm) wants to win.

Hwimunjung won 73-55 against Yongsanjung in the South Central semifinals of the 53rd Autumn National Boys and Girls Middle and High School Basketball Federation on Tuesday at 현금홀덤사이트 Usul Gymnasium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do. With the win, Hwimunjoong secured a spot in the finals and will face Samseonjoong for the crown.

The team has been playing a mix of sophomores and freshmen in the Fall League.

However, even as a sophomore, he is still a force to be reckoned with. His double-post combination with brothers Park Bum-jin and Park Bum-yoon is unstoppable under the basket. On top of that, Park Jio and Kim Ji-woong can hit the three-point shot at the right time.

Park Ji-O, who serves as the field commander for Whimunjung, scored 14 points, grabbed seven rebounds, and dished out four assists in 35 minutes and 27 seconds of action on the night. His stats are a bit underwhelming compared to his twin brother, but Park’s value lies beyond the stat sheet.

Despite being a point guard, Parks is a very active player who can get inside and out. Not only does he have a moving shot that breaks down opposing defenses, but his steady game management makes every game a nutritious one.

After the game, Park said, “Yong-joong was very strong, but we thought we could play as well as him. We tried our best, so it feels good to have a good result,” he said after the match.

Huh Moon-joong finished as the runner-up in the last edition of the championships after losing to Sam Sun-joong. It was a chance for revenge.

“Of course I’ll take revenge,” Park said with a smile.

Against Yongsanjoong, a team composed mostly of sophomores, the sophomore was not afraid. Boasting excellent team chemistry, the sophomore team played organically throughout the game, drawing applause from the bench.

“We work very well together in training,” Park said. We have a good rapport with each other. We always believe in the team and do our best, which gives us confidence on the court. Above all, I think it was our determination not to lose.”

Throughout the qualifiers and right up until the final, Park’s three-point percentage and number of shots were not very efficient. Before the match against Yongsanjoong, Park worked hard on his outside shooting with his teammates in the early hours of the morning, and in the game, Park celebrated after hitting two three-pointers in the deciding game.

“I practiced a lot of shooting before the game,” Park said. Today, I was more balanced and focused compared to the last game (laughs). I think that led to a positive effect.”

Whenever Park scored an important point or made a three-pointer, he mimicked former NBA player Carmelo Anthony’s ceremony. Not only that, but he would express his uncontrollable joy to the bench and the crowd.

As great as Park Geo’s performance was, we shouldn’t forget about the brothers Park Bum-jin and Park Bum-yoon. As point guards, the duo’s mobility is likely to be a key factor in the final.

“Both (Park) Bum-jin and (Park) Bum-yoon are good,” Park said. The defense will go inside to stop them. When that happens, I have to look out for my teammates’ outside chances, and I think I’m still not good enough. I’ll have to work harder and think about it in the final,” Park concluded the interview.

Sam Sun-joong’s performance in 2023 was unstoppable. Will Park Geo’s Huh Moon-joong be able to stop Sam Seon-joong from challenging for a sixth title? The South Central final between the two teams will begin at 10:30 a.m. on April 21.

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