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Lee Ye-won the first winner of the Doosan E&C Weave Championship

Bean swings are a great way to improve distance and accuracy.

Make sure to do it before bed.

Lee Ye-won

who became the “Seogwipo Goddess

(20· KB Financial Group) won the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour Doosan E&C Weave Championship (total prize money of 13.72 billion won) held at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort (par 6735, 12,3 yards) in Seogwipo

Jeju on the 78th.

The best way to survive at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort, where the tricky Bermuda grass has formed the “Rough of Fear

” is to stay on the fairways.

Lee Ye-won has a fairway landing rate of 6.<>%, which is quite high.

“Bermuda grass doesn’t look long, but when it falls into the rough

it falls like it’s stuck in the ground

” he said.

Even if (the rough) is short

it doesn’t come out very well.

” That’s why I paid attention to tee shot accuracy.

Lee Ye-won said

“In order to improve my tee shot accuracy

I made a routine of sleeping with a little bean swing every evening.

” It is a ‘tip’ that not only amateur players who are struggling to improve driver accuracy

but also golf enthusiasts will be attracted to their ears.

Lee Ye-won said

“It’s not a lot

but I do about 50~100 consistently.

Sometimes it’s strong

and sometimes it’s focused on getting the rhythm right.

In the past

my coach told me that bean swing is the only way to improve both distance and accuracy

so I’m following it.

” If you improve your tee shot accuracy

you’ll be comfortable with your next shot.

He can also control the ball well.

I’ve been learning from a new coach lately

and I found it difficult to approach the greens

he said.

Thank you for showing me how to do that

and I realized something.

Thanks to that

I didn’t make any mistakes in the rough in this tournament.

With sophistication and delicacy, the best result was the win.

On the morning of the final round (13th)

he opened his eyes well and felt good, started with a fresh mind, and won the championship after an extended battle

beating “Rookie” Kim Min-sun 7 (20, Daebang E&C).

“I learned a lot after losing in overtime (at the Celltrion Queens Masters in June)

” he said.

I learned how to deal with tremors. Again, I was nervous after overtime was decided

but I was more confident than last time. I thought I’d finish well with a birdie, step by step

and it turned out the way I thought it would

he laughed. 바카라사이트

She has entered her second year on the regular tour and has also won her first career victory in the opening round of the country (Lotte Rent-a-Car Women’s Open)

so she has accumulated new experiences that she didn’t even know she had.

He said: “I was disappointed not to win last year

but I thought it was a mental problem.

During winter training

I focused on managing my mentality.

I’ve adapted to the regular tour and gained confidence.

The familiar atmosphere gives a sense of calm.


anxiety or nervousness can overwhelm you

but if you put your mind to it

you can turn it over as no big deal.

It’s the driving force that has joined the ranks of multiple winners just over four months after winning his first career win.

Another point is intense physical training.

He said: “After the first half I felt that my fitness was down.

The shot shaky a lot.

I was well rested

I ate well

and I was concerned about getting my swing back in the first half.

If we stay fit in the second half of the year,

we will be able to achieve our goal.

” Due to his poor performance last summer

he traveled to Perth,


for this year’s winter training because of the intense heat.

He said

“When I played a round during spring training

I was focused as if I was playing a competition.

Training to adapt to the heat was the driving force that kept me going this summer.”

The goal for the second half of the year is to win a major. If this is the case, you need to win the main sponsor competition. He said, “The KB Financial Star Championship is a sponsor tournament, so I want to do well. Blackstone is also a favorite golf course. “I’m greedy for the individual title, but my goal for this season is the target. I want to play consistently and win the grand prize.”

He said

“My first championship was in Jeju Island (2015 Boys’ Gymnastics Women’s Primary Team Event).

It was the first tournament I won when I started playing golf.

I won my first professional game and my first multiple wins in Jeju.

I can’t think of any particular reason why I’m strong in Jeju

but I like Jeju Island

he said with a broad smile.

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