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Korea University Wins in the 2023 Billiards Championships

Korea University won the billiards competition held to promote harmony between the two schools through billiards.

Recently, in the 5th regular billiards tournament held at the CV Billiards Club in Yeouido 카지노사이트

Seoul, Korea University Alumni Billiards Association Hodanghoe (Chairman Jang Young-cheol) won against Yonsei University Alumni Billiards Association YBC (Chairman Park Hee-yong) with 78 wins, 7 draws and 65 wins.

Accordingly, Korea University won for the second year in a row since last year and took a step ahead in the overall record with 3 wins and 2 losses.

This competition is hosted by the Hodanghoe and is called the Yeongojeon.

This competition was a success with 120 participants, 60 from each of the two schools.

The game consisted of teams of two, with four individual games per table and one scotch game, for a total of 150 games.

In addition, depending on the abilities of the alumni, it was divided into various categories such as senior division (entrance before 1977), strongest class (31 to 35 handiness points), and current student division.

Representatives from the billiards alumni associations of the two schools

including Hodanghoe Chairman Jang Young-cheol (former Korean Billiards Federation Chairman) and YBC Chairman Park Hee-yong

as well as Halla Group Chairman Chung Mong-won

an alumnus of Korea University’s Department of Business Administration

visited the venue to offer encouragement.

Meanwhile, YBC, the Yonsei University billiards alumni association

holds regular league games every month, and the Korea University Hodang Association also holds regular competitions

actively holding billiards alumni meetings.

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