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Korea Horse Society to Participate in the ‘2023 A Farm Show Changnong-Ginun Hometown Love Fair’

The Korea Horse Society (Chairman Chung Jong-hwan) announced that it will participate in the 2023 A FARM SHOW Farming and Farming Hometown Love Fair (A Farm Show), which will be held at the aT Center in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, from January 1-3.

Now in its 10th year, A FARM SHOW is Korea’s representative farming and agriculture fair with participation from the government, local governments, agriculture-related organizations and companies. The fair presents the future of agriculture through innovation with young people and provides useful farming and homesteading information for prospective farmers. In addition, various online and offline events such as youth agricultural talk concerts, local specialty product auctions, and guerrilla quizzes will be held.

The Korea Horse Society’s booth, located in the ‘Recreation and Healing Pavilion’ in Hall 2 of the fair, features a horseback riding simulator that allows for a realistic experience. Visitors can see cute miniature horses (ponies) and take a commemorative photo with the KHA’s representative character, Malma.

The core program of the booth is horse industry consulting. For those who want to enter the equine industry, one-on-one consulting with consultants specializing in the equine industry is always available. The consultants will provide detailed consultations on the installation of equestrian facilities, horse production and breeding, government support and policies, etc. for free on-site.

“Families and children will have the opportunity to interact with horses and experience riding, and young adults and adults will have the opportunity to 바카라 see the value and growth potential of horses as an industry,” said Bang Se-kwon, vice chairman and head of the equine industry at the Korea Horse Racing Association. “We look forward to welcoming you to ‘2023 A FARM SHOW’ and our programs.”

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