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The mood in Jeollabuk-do sank low on Sunday as the members of the Saemangeum World Scout Jamboree decided to withdraw early due to Typhoon 카지노 Kanun hitting the northern part of the Korean Peninsula .The jamboree, which was turned into a “half” event by the absence of the British and American scouting delegations, tried to turn things around, but ended up in a futile effort. The Jamboree is a high-profile international event, ranking as one of the top three events in the world behind the World Cup and the Olympics. If successful, it was expected to boost the country’s brand, accelerate the Saemangeum development project, and lead regional development. However, the event was hampered by “gross negligence,” including a large number of heat stroke and insect bite cases, poor conditions and heat wave, and complacency on the part of the organizing committee to recognize and prepare for the reality. The Jamboree’s campgrounds have been a “lantern in the wind” since the opening day, with precarious conditions .From the first day of the competition, dozens to hundreds of people with fever a day, mainly foreigners, were confirmed to be infected with COVID-19.The showers and toilets were dirty and inadequate, and the food was poor. Questions were raised about what the city had done in the six years since it hosted the event .The government’s promise of full support and the efforts of private organizations seemed to provide a respite, but then the sex scandal broke again .The Saemangeum Jamboree, which had been struggling to survive, was eventually overwhelmed by the news of a typhoon heading north. It was a lost cause. It is said that the entire team decided to leave the Saemangeum territory, leaving behind only scars. The goal of rebuilding the image of the region was quickly realized. The entire event was criticized by the public, and many people said that they wished they hadn’t held the event. Initially, Jeollabuk-do promoted the jamboree as an event aimed at strengthening the global capabilities and activities of the world’s youth, enhancing the country’s image, and revitalizing public diplomacy through private exchanges, making it a perfect opportunity to lead regional growth and raise the country’s profile .The Jamboree is expected to generate an economic impact of KRW 119.8 billion in production, 1,982 jobs, and KRW 40.6 billion in added value. If indirect effects such as the domestic camping industry are added, the production induced effect is expected to exceed 600 billion won. However, with the early discharge of the soldiers, the economic impact was bound to fall far short of these projections .Of course, not all the blame lies with Jeonbuk Province .The composition of the organizing committee alone includes three ministers from government ministries such as the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, while the governor of Jeonbuk serves as the executive chairman in an executive role. The budget for the event is also severely limited without government support .However, as Jeonbuk Province took the initiative to bring the Games to Saemangeum and has been preparing for the event ever since, it is unfair to put the blame on the government. In particular, the heat wave, insects, and sanitation that were blamed for ruining the event were all problems that could have been predicted or dealt with. For this reason, Jeollabuk-do is likely to be stuck with the blame game for a while .It will also be interesting to see what kind of repercussions the dozens of overseas trips made in preparation for the jamboree will have.”Jeonbuk could have demonstrated its capabilities as a special autonomous region and created long-term positive effects of the Saemangeum development project through the success of the jamboree, but various mistakes led to the central government taking over the initiative of the event,” said an official from a civil society organization .”We gained nothing, but rather left behind an image of incompetence,” the official said, pointing out that it was an event that showed the limits of Jeonbuk’s capabilities. “We did our best to prepare, but as the bad news and handshakes 카지노 continued, we were left with a stigma,” the official said, adding, “It will be difficult to attract a mammoth international convention event for the time being.”

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