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Its a Recognition Klopp If Saudi Arabia Spends 200 Million

Liverpool managed to block Al Ittihad’s all-out offensive to recruit Mohamed Salah.

 British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 2nd (Korean time), “Al Ittihad spent 150 million pounds (about 249.5 billion won) on the transfer fee of Salah to Liverpool.

When Liverpool refused, he paid 170 million pounds (about 249.5 billion won) in a few hours.

The transfer fee was raised to approximately 283 billion won. Nevertheless, Liverpool did not firm up their position that they would not sell Salah,” he said. 온라인카지노

The reason I’m worried about Liverpool is because this isn’t the end. 

‘The Sun’ reported, Al Ittihad is willing to spend up to 200 million pounds (about 333 billion won)

the world’s highest transfer fee, to sign Salah.”

To date, the world’s highest transfer fee is 198 million pounds (approximately 330 billion won) recorded when Neymar transferred from Barcelona to PSG (Paris Saint-Germain) in 2017. 

Al Ittihad is trying to break this record. 

The Premier League transfer window is closed, but the Saudi Arabian League still has one week left. 

It is unclear whether Liverpool will be able to reject Al Ittihad’s next offer. 

The money promised to Salah is also enormous.

 He said he would pay a whopping 2.3 million pounds (about 4 billion won) a week alone.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp was quite surprised. 

He acknowledged that realistically, it would be difficult to prevent star players from transferring to Saudi Arabia. He confessed

I am very surprised by the movements of Saudi Arabian teams. Many players have already gone to Saudi Arabia.

“In a week we will show how difficult it is to keep Salah.

It feels very threatening.

What can we do? The amount Saudi Arabia is offering is too high,” he said.

We want European leagues to be like Saudi Arabia.

We must strive to keep it strong. If we can change the regulations, we must change them,” he said, raising his voice.

Salah is Liverpool’s irreplaceable ace. 

Since 2017, he has been the Premier League’s top scorer three times while wearing a Liverpool shirt.

He experienced winning the UEFA Champions League and Premier League with Liverpool. 

He is considered one of the best strikers in the world, let alone the Premier League. 

His career record at Liverpool is 187 goals in 308 appearances.

Salah signed a three-year contract with Liverpool last summer.

The conditions are the highest level within the team.

Key players such as Fabinho, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane, and Jordan Henderson left for other teams.

 In particular, the dependence on Salah in attack is absolute.

Although there was no trophy last season, Liverpool is still a favorite to threaten the absolute power Manchester City. 

If Salah leaves, the story will be different.

Liverpool blocked the rumors by saying, “There will be no transfer of Salah.

Saudi Arabian teams have made it clear that they will not sell Salah no matter how much money they give him.

Coach Klopp indirectly put pressure on the club’s leadership. 

His order was to never pass up Salah.

British media ‘Daily Star’ said on the 31st of last month

Coach Klopp will be very angry if Liverpool accepts Al Ittihad’s offer and sells Salah.

There are several colleagues in Saudi Arabia who played with Salah.

If you wear the Al Ittihad uniform, you will be reunited with Fabinho.

Mane is from Al Nasr, Firmino and Jordan Henderson are from Al IT Park.

Al Ittihad is opening its wallet without hesitation. 

In this summer transfer market, starting with Karim Benzema, N’Golo Kante, Fabinho, and Diogo Jota were brought in.

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