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Its a Reaction to General Election Recruitment Rumors

Park Ji-sung once again actively denied rumors that he was recruited by the ruling party for the general election.

On the 14th, Park Ji-sung attended the JS Foundation Talent Student Sponsorship Event

Sharing Warm Love’ and spoke of ‘recruitment to politics’ She opened her mouth to questions from related reporters.

Previously, it was reported that the People Power Party was considering at the idea level a plan to nominate Park Ji-sung to a constituency in Suwon. 카지노사이트 순위

Park Ji-sung’s side denied this, saying, “I haven’t received any offers

either official or unofficial, and I don’t currently live in Suwon, so there’s no possibility of that happening,” and “I plan to stick to my main job.”

On this day, Park Ji-sung once again dismissed it, saying

I am surprised that such a story even came up because my current residence is not in Korea,” and “I don’t think something like that will happen.”

At the same time, he added, “I have never imagined becoming a politician

and I don’t feel the need to imagine such a thing at all,” and added, “I hope you don’t make offers in the future.”

Meanwhile, an official from the People Power Party’s Talent Recruitment Committee also stated

The extent to which opinions were expressed freely during the discussion on recruiting talent.”

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