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Italian Embassy’s Ambassador for Day initiative offers insight into diplomatic role

 Italian Ambassador to Korea Emilia Gatto, right, poses with Lee Yae-won, Ewha Womans University student who was selected to take part in the Ambassador for a Day initiative, in Seoul, Tuesday. Courtesy of the Embassy of Italy in Seoul

In commemoration of the 140th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations, the Embassy of Italy in Seoul celebrated International Women’s Day with the third edition of Ambassador for a Day, offering Korean university students a unique opportunity to shadow Italian Ambassador to Korea Emilia Gatto, experiencing a day in the life of a high-level diplomat.This year’s edition focused on the theme “Empowering Change: Why Eliminating Violence Against Women Will Contribute to the Wellbeing of Men,” accepting essay submissions on the topic to choose the winner who will spend a day with Gatto.After a review of the submitted essays, Lee Yae-won, an Ewha Womans University student majoring in international studies, was chosen as the winner.Lee accompanied Gatto in her daily activities, attending meetings with prominent figures from various cultural, scientific and industrial spheres on Tuesday. Notably, they met with Marica Branchesi, a professor of astrophysics at the Gran Sasso Science Institute in Italy, to discuss Italy’s candidacy to host the world’s largest future gravitational wave detector, the Einstein Telescope.

The day also featured events commemorating the 140th anniversary, including a visit to the “All roads lead to history: Italy and Korea” photo exhibition and the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition, organized by the Italian Cultural Institute. Additionally, Lee participated in a board meeting of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Korea and ended the day with a networking dinner, fostering connections among influential women across diverse fields.According to the Italian Embassy, the Ambassador for a Day project not only provides invaluable exposure to diplomatic operations but also underscores Italy’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering future leaders in Korea.The initiative highlights the collaborative efforts needed to address gender-based violence effectively, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.”For this edition, we wanted to reflect on the idea that gender-based violence does not only affect women but has consequences for the whole of society. It is not a zero-sum game. The elimination of violence against women can contribute and have positive consequences for men as well,” Gatto said.”It is important that we discuss these issues, which is why this year we wanted to focus on creating and strengthening a 온라인카지노 network of contacts that can lead to a fervent interchange of ideas.”

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