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‘Incheon fan I met for the first time in a long time’ coach Cho Sung-hwan

Incheon United head coach Cho Sung-hwan apologized to the fans who traveled to the game.

Incheon United lost 1-3 to Suwon FC in the 16th round of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024 at Suwon Sports Complex on Monday.

The match went in a different direction than expected. Suwon FC, which usually scores in the second half, scored two goals in the first half. Incheon was unable to capitalize on its fitness advantage through rotation and conceded one more goal in stoppage time after Mugosa’s late equalizer.

Cho said he took full responsibility for this. In the post-match press conference, he said, “Today’s game was a series of mistakes and failures in terms of tactical response to the opponent’s attacking shape and tempo. As a coach, the responsibility is heavy. I can’t say much about the game. Misses from the bench,” he concluded.

Mpoku’s early substitution was also to better counter Suwon FC. “We were outnumbered in the midfield battle, and we had more problems in defense than in attack, which Mpoku is good at, so we made the substitution early on to make the midfield a three-man system,” Cho explained.

However, Incheon’s response to Suwon FC didn’t work perfectly and they were unable to win the game. Cho blamed his team’s inability to properly pressure the opponent’s tempo and lack of organization and balance, which led to the game going in an unintended direction.

As for Delbridge, who celebrated his 100th K League 1 match for Incheon on the day but conceded the final goal in stoppage time, Cho said: “It was a once-in-a-lifetime mistake, one that shouldn’t have happened. I’m not going to 토토사이트 discuss it because I’m sure he’s aware of it,” he said.

Still, Incheon showed promise for the upcoming matches as returning players such as Kim Min-seok and Shin Shin-ho showed their skills. Shin Shin-ho, in particular, proved that he will lead Incheon’s midfield in the future with his sharp kicking skills.

Coach Cho said, “We have something to lose and something to gain. With Lee Myung-joo out, I hope Shin Shin-ho’s return will help us play five games in two weeks,” Cho said. ”Not only us, but all the teams in the Korea Cup have to play a tight schedule. We need to do 카지노사이트 a good job with rotation and proper player management to get through the summer season.”

Finally, he thanked Incheon’s away fans, who had been cheering for the first time in a long time due to the closure of the home stadium, saying, “I’m very sorry to hear their voices after a long time. We will prepare well for the next two weeks to make up for the disappointment,” he said, vowing to rebound after the A-Match break in June.


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