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“I was constantly asked for money,” says Kim Ha-sung in his complaint

Major League Baseball’s San Diego Padres’ Kim Ha-seong has claimed to have received racketeering threats from a junior baseball player.

On June 6, MHN Sports reported that Kim filed a police complaint against A, a former Kiwoom player, for threatening him. A is currently a retired player.

According to the report, two years ago, Kim had a drink with A at a local bar and got into an altercation.

A demanded a settlement from Kim for “assaulting” him, and Kim paid him hundreds of millions of won as he was on the verge of moving to the United States.

Even afterward, Mr. A’s demands for money did not stop. In response, Kim said he filed a complaint with the police for “racketeering threats.

On the same day, Kim’s agent, Summit Management, told this newspaper, “We reached an agreement just before Kim went to the United States. However, after that, we were constantly contacted by A.” “At the time, it was just a scuffle, not a unilateral assault by Kim Ha Sung. However, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, so I delivered the settlement money just before I left for the United States. It was definitely not a one-sided assault,” he explained.

“Mr. A continued to threaten to sue for compensation under the name of ‘defamation,'” he said. “The threats continued right after he won the Gold Glove, and he also mentioned things that were completely unrelated to the facts. In response, the agency decided to file a lawsuit.”

Finally, Kim Ha-sung’s agent emphasized that “there are many things that can prove that Kim Ha-sung did not commit a one-sided assault, starting with the evidence,” and that “Kim Ha-sung is a clear victim.”


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