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Hyundai Capital suffered a shutout loss to Japanese invitational team Panasonic Panthers in the first match of the 2023 Gumi Dodram Cup Professional 바카라사이트 Volleyball Tournament (the Cup) despite the absence of key players. Hyundai Capital fell to the Panthers in straight sets, 0-3 (23-25 21-25 20-25), in the first match of the men’s Group B at the Gumi Park Junghee Gymnasium in Gumi, Gyeongbuk, on Sunday. Hyundai Capital’s attackers Jeon Kwang-in and Heo Soo-bong and libero Park Kyung-min were called up to the volleyball team for the Asian Championship, while middle blocker Choi Min-ho was rested due to injury .Playing with just nine players, Hyundai Capital was unable to stop a focused performance from Panasonic, who finished third in the 2022-2023 Japan V-League .In the first set, they continued their shaky play, committing 15 unforced errors. After losing a point at 23-23 due to an unforced error on Ishiu’s serve, Hyundai Capital rallied but couldn’t stop Kunihiro Shimizu’s attack and lost the first set. The second set was also disappointing. At 15-18, Lee Seung-jun’s overnetting error cost them a point, and they conceded back-to-back points to widen the gap. Hyundai Capital couldn’t catch up and lost the set 0-2.Panasonic pulled its main players in the third set, but Hyundai Capital was still unable to fight back. At 7-7, they took the lead with back-to-back blocks from Park Sang-ha, but they immediately gave up a 10-10 tie, followed by back-to-back attack errors from Moon Sung-min .Hyundai Capital fought back with their height and tied the score at 18-18, but a net touch by Kim Myung-kwan and an attack error by Moon Sung-min caused them to fall back .Hyundai Capital had 32 team errors on the day. That’s 11 more 바카라사이트 than Panasonic (21). Ham Hyung-jin and Lee Si-woo led the team in scoring with 10 points each, but both players had a 30 percent attack success rate.

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