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‘Doesn’t he care about Kim Min-jae?’ Munich recruited Jung Jo-joon of ‘Levercu match special + Chelsea Supernova’ to reinforce defense… One person has already ‘completed individual agreement’

Bayern Munich is adding strength to the recruitment process to reorganize its defense.

Florian Flettenberg, a reporter from Germany’s Sky Sports who is well-versed in Bayern news, reported on his personal SNS on the 11th (Korea Standard Time) that “Bayern and Jonathan Ta have agreed to a contract by 2029.”

Flettenberg said, “Ta has informed Leverkusen that he wants to move to Bayern. Negotiations between the clubs will begin soon. Ta is the top priority for Bayern’s defense, and he is the most specific candidate at this point.”

바카라게임 Bayern recently announced the appointment of Kompany as coach to replace Thomas Tuchel. With the new coach Kompany joining Bayern, changes will inevitably occur in various areas, including the squad and tactics. With Kompany’s appointment, attention is being paid to which of the Bayern players will be pushed out of the starting line and which will rejoin the starting line-up. In this situation, the names of the players who will help Bayern’s defense reform have emerged.

Ta is one of the key players who contributed to Leverkusen’s unbeaten win this season. Despite being 195 centimeters tall, he defended his defense at tremendous speed. In the German Bundesliga’s sprint record, he also ranked second among all center backs in the Bundesliga with a 34.22 kilometers per hour. Based on his speed, he tightly blocked the backspace of Leverkusen. As he boasts strength in building up with fast speed, he is highly likely to become a key center back after joining Bayern if he maintains his skills this season.

If Ta joins Bayern, it will be clear that Bayern will have to sort out some of its current center backs. The German version of Sky Sports has already predicted that Upamecano will be the most likely transfer, saying, “Bayern currently has four central defenders, of which Dayot Upamecano is being mentioned as a potential transfer candidate.”

However, the recruitment of others is not the end.

Along with Ta, Bayern is also looking to recruit a defender who has been recognized for his potential in the English Premier League (EPL).

England’s Tribune wrote, “Bayern is seriously considering signing Chelsea centre-back Colwill, and initial talks have taken place. They are considering Colwill along with others to improve their defensive line. Colwill’s opinion is not known,” adding that Colwill is also eligible for Bayern’s recruitment. 홀짝게임

Reporter Flettenberg also said about Colwill, “Colwill can also be an alternative to others, and there is a possibility that Colwill will join together,” predicting that Bayern may plan to bring in both Tar and Colwill.

After playing for Chelsea Youth, Colwill began his professional career on loan at Huddersfield in 2021. Despite his career at Huddersfield, Chelsea decided to let Colwill go on an additional loan rather than as a first-team player, and during the 2022-2023 season, he was loaned to Brighton. With his outstanding passing skills, outstanding physicality, and fast speed, Colwill also attracted the attention of many English Premier League (EPL) teams, but Chelsea did not keep Colwill and sell him last summer.

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