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Conquering Doosan left-handed hitters with a changeup kt Eom Sang-baek

‘Conquering Doosan left-handed hitters with a changeup’ kt Eom Sang-baek “Thanks to the help of teammates”

Started in all 4 recent games

Doosan Bears

The Doosan Bears filled the batting order from 1 to 5 with left-handed hitters to attack sidearm Eom Sang-baek (26, kt wiz).

However, Eom Sang-baek had a ‘change-up’ that flowed outside the left-handed hitter and fell.

Eom Sang-baek

Eom Sang-baek started in an away game against Doosan Professional Baseball held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 16th and blocked 6 innings with 3 hits, no runs and 7 strikeouts.

He gave up only one walk.

On this day, Eom Sang-baek filled 47 out of 85 pitches, more than half, with a changeup. 먹튀검증

Only 16 fastballs with a maximum speed of 149 km were thrown, and 22 cut fastballs (cutter) were mixed.

‘Jeong-seok’, who throws a changeup to left-handed hitters and a cutter to right-handed hitters, was born as a ‘starter’ by meeting with ‘excellent pitching’.

KT beat Doosan 5-2 with Eom Sang-baek’s good pitching.

After the game, Eom Sang-baek said, “Today’s pitching went well as I wanted,” and “the fielders’ defense was very helpful.

The batters hit well in the beginning, and I gained concentration.”

Jang Seong-woo

“(Catcher) I threw as senior Jang Seong-woo led.

“I hope the team can continue their winning streak,” he said.

I will continue to show a good image so that I can help.”

In fact, Eom Sang-baek won all of the four recent games he started.

His record this season is 7-6 with an ERA of 3.48.

His performance in the second half was very outstanding with 4 wins in 5 games and an earned run average of 2.76.

3rd place kt, who rode a steep rise thanks to the strength of the starters, narrowed the gap with 2nd place SSG Landers to 1 game.

Manager Lee

Manager Lee Kang-cheol praised,

“Starter Eom Sang-baek played his role in good coordination with catcher Jang Seong-woo.”

In the second half of this season, on the day Sang-baek Um starts to mound, coach Kang-cheol Lee gives almost the same general review.

As such, Um Sang-baek has established himself as a sure starting pitcher.

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