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BMW X4 offers tranquil ride with masculine identity

The front profile of the BMW X4 SUV / Korea Times photo by Lee Min-hyung

What appears to be an ill-assorted match of masculinity and tranquility symbolizes the gasoline version of the BMW X4 luxury coupe SUV.At first glance, the vehicle exudes a masculine image with its impressively huge kidney grille and smoothly swooping roofline. One would expect the vehicle to display supercar-like strong driving performance due to its exterior, but its driving experience was smooth, belying its macho appearance.The BMW X4 has generated a huge sensation, particularly to young Korean drivers who seek to enjoy BMW’s symbolically dynamic driving. The young design identity also captivated their minds, as was shown by its solid sales figures here.

The number of newly registered BMW X4 vehicles last year came in at 5,134, slightly surpassing the X3, another best-selling BMW SUV with a similar body size, according to data from market tracker CarIsYou. The X4 xDrive 20i SUV is powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine, so it gives a smooth driving impression typical of sedans.This reporter took a chance to test-drive the vehicle for three days. When driving the vehicle between Seoul and Yeongjong Island, almost 50 kilometers west of the capital city, the X4 gave a strong yet tranquil driving feeling. This vehicle was powerful enough for both city and highway driving, but it was far from any other typical BMW vehicles known for their dynamic drive quality.But the seemingly inharmonious combination of its manly exterior and quiet driving experience still looks to be attractive enough for any driver who wants both features, rather than other BMW vehicles focusing mostly on its symbolic dynamic 슬롯게이밍 identity.

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