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10 hits in 13 at-bats, 0.769, and RYU is not afraid of ‘the second Lee Jung-hoo’

10 hits in 13 at-bats, a batting average of 76.9 percent, is this for real.

What will the LG Twins think when they see Lee Joo-hyung, whose potential exploded in Kiwoom Heroes.

He was not exaggerating to say that he is the next Lee Jung-hoo. All I can say is that he is amazing. This is an example of how a single player can change teams.

Kiwoom Heroes is writing a big twist drama. If the KBO League was the stage for the Hanwha Eagles in the early 2024 season, Kiwoom is now emerging as a “scene stealer.”

Kiwoom won the game again. It beat the Hanwha Eagles 11-7 at Gocheok Sky Dome on Saturday. The team’s fifth consecutive win. It beat the Hanwha Eagles, who showed the best pace in the early days of the season, by scoring 10 points in the fifth inning alone. That was also the day when the Hanwha Eagles’ starting pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin was named as the starting pitcher. He humiliated the “monster” Ryu Hyun-jin, who has lost the most points in a game since his professional debut.

He did well in everything, but Lee Joo-hyung stood out among them. He had multiple hits against Ryu Hyun-jin for the first time in his life, and he had a total of three hits on the day. From his first at-bat in the first inning, he had a hit against Ryu, showing that he was not intimidated.

Lee Joo-hyung left the LG Twins in a trade last season and wore a Kiwoom uniform. LG, desperate to win, wanted Choi Won-tae, the starter, and Kiwoom said it would give an OK sign if it was Lee Joo-hyung. LG was also very disappointed when it said Lee Joo-hyung, but Choi Won-tae was in a hurry, so he had no choice but to give Lee Joo-hyung.

After learning about Lee’s potential, Kiwoom appointed him as the first hitter as soon as they brought him. He also showed off his great contact skills and earned the nickname “the second Lee Jung-hoo.”

The start of the 2024 season was not good. He suffered a hamstring injury in the spring camp and was not listed on the opening list. While Lee was away, Kiwoom lost its fourth consecutive game. However, he has been winning like a ghost since his return to the game 메이저사이트 against the Samsung Lions on Tuesday. He had three hits in four at-bats for his return match. He took a day off from rain and successfully got on base with all four hits, one walk and all at-bats against Samsung on Wednesday. He also had three hits in five at-bats against Hanwha. He has 10 hits in 13 at-bats for a 76.9 batting average. This is an indicator that he has played three games, but it is unbelievable.

Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki placed Lee Joo-hyung at No. 3 before the season. He not only got on base but also saw his ability to solve the problem. However, the match against Hanwha showed tremendous value as a leadoff by returning to the No. 1 post.

It would be an exaggeration to say that Lee Joo-hyung wins with one addition, but it certainly has a good effect on the team. Colleagues can also play baseball excitedly with the appearance of a certain batter. Lee Ju-hyung is the first season in his career where he can play full-time in 2024. The start was grim, but it was for a reversal scenario. How far can Lee Ju-hyung go.

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