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What is the mechanism behind extreme air sports sky surfing?

In the activity of skysurfing, a skydiver straps a board to his feet while in freefall. Then, he transforms into a “sky surfer,” performing various surfboard maneuvers while flying.

In 1986, skysurfing first emerged. Dominique Jacquet and Jean-Pascal Oron, two French skydivers, are credited with starting it all. They wondered if surfing in freefall could be similar to surfing in the sea, which was so well-liked because surfers could ride the swells. They discovered that the sky surfboard did indeed enable the rider to “surf on air,” with the wind hitting them as they fell through the air replacing the sea’s waves. They invented the sky surfboard and were the first to try sky surfing, a whole new style of skydiving.

Skydiving comes in a variety of forms, which we refer to as sports. One of those sports is skysurfing. There is a lot of interest in this captivating type of skydiving as 토토사이트 a sport, but the number of competitors is decreasing. However, one cannot dispute its allure. It is considered one of the most exciting and dangerous skydiving disciplines.


Aside from the standard skydiving gear like a parachute, the board is obviously the most important component of gear.

Compared to surfboards used in the ocean, the sky surfboard is both shorter and flatter. Additionally, it fastens to the rider’s boots to prevent the board from falling to the ground. One of the most crucial aspects of learning to skysurf is being able to control the skysurfboard.

The skydiver can rapidly remove the board from the attachment of the skysurfboard using the cutaway system, which is a quick release system. Although some skysurfers surf their boards in across the ground, which is very cool to witness, most skysurfers loosen the board for landing and then kick it off just before coming in to land.

The skysurfer’s head must be protected with a helmet during the descent and landing on the drop zone. Audible altimeters are also worn by them. These equipment pieces fit inside the jumper’s helmet and beep at specific altitudes to inform them of their location and when it’s time to open their parachute. This is a feature of skydiving as a whole, so there is no danger of us forgetting to deploy while enjoying the awesomeness of the leap.


Jumping out of an airplane at a height of between 15,000 and 10,000 feet is known as sky surfing. (4,572 to 3,048 meters). To be able to maintain a steady sit and stable stand, as well as to become an experienced rider, it takes a lot of practice and at least 250 skydives.

It’s interesting to note that sky surfing is a team activity that involves both the skysurfer and a camera flyer who carries a variety of shooting cameras. It is one of the most difficult games that people have ever created. Even so, it is very well-liked due to the goals of playing the game. The primary goal of the sport is to demonstrate a series of skysurfing maneuvers in free fall as technically and artistically as possible while maintaining absolute safety.

In freestyle skydiving, various techniques are developed during the freefall. Since the sport is moving away from the standard flat-belly posture, this makes it more difficult. Freefly skydiving, meanwhile, employs various body postures as it assembles a formation of various sky surfers.

Even for the most skilled sportsmen, sky surfing is risky on top of the time invested. Even the smallest error or lack of control can cause catastrophic harm. A malfunctioning parachute can be disastrous. Some skysurfers have even entered spins that were so rapid they knocked them out.

Even so, only a few competitors take pleasure in sky surfing. It’s safe to say that skysurfing isn’t nearly as well-known today as it was during its heyday. Fewer people now practice sky surfing, which many people blame on the growing appeal of other sports. Wingboarding is a related activity that has begun to acquire popularity. The primary distinction 토토 between the two is that in wing boarding, the athlete is dragged behind the aircraft rather than jumping out.

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