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‘Volleyball Player 2’ Kim Se-bin “I want to be like my mom’s fastball and dad’s blocking”

Middle blocker Kim Se-bin (Han Bom-go), the No. 1 overall pick of the Korea Volleyball Organization (KOVO) Women’s Draft in 2023-2024, is a “volleyballer second generation,” as she is known.

Her father is Kim Cheol-soo, the head coach of KEPCO’s volleyball team who was a consistent presence in front of the net as a middle blocker during his playing days, and her mother is Kim Nam-soon, a former women’s national volleyball coach who played for the Korea-Japan Hamsum and KT&G.

“I want to emulate my mom’s fast-ball hitting and my dad’s blocking sense,” Kim told reporters after the draft on Tuesday at Mayfield Hotel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul.

Middle blockers, formerly known as “centers,” are primarily responsible for blocking, and their ability to hit fastballs in front of the net is important.

“My parents gave me a lot of praise, but they also gave me a lot of criticism, so I want to tell them that I’m really grateful that I became the No. 1 overall pick,” Kim said.

Kim Cheol-soo, who watched the draft from the sidelines, said, “The No. 1 overall pick is a family honor,” and added, “Both my wife and I have a strong desire to win. I think we passed it on well as parents,” he said.

“It’s my first start in the pros, and what I’ve done so far is meaningless. The pro is the skill, so you have to work hard and do well,” she advised her daughter.

Kim Se-bin was recognized early on as one of the future leaders of Korean women’s volleyball.

“People told me I was going to be the No. 1 overall pick, but it didn’t feel real (when I was finally selected),” Kim said, adding, “I think Roadworks is a great team that won the championship last year and is awesome.”

Kim, who currently stands at 6-foot-2, has yet to close his growth plates and could grow even taller.

“I hope to grow to about 190 centimeters,” he said.

Roadworks has a steady middle blocker in Bae Yuna.

For the time being, they need to focus on her growth and follow her movements.

“I want to learn every single play, from blocking to every single play, and I want to work hard so that I can play in the game,” said Kim Se-bin, citing Bae Yoo-na as her example.

Kim Se-bin says her strength is her quick attack in the fast lane.

She also has a good receiving ability, so if she wasn’t a middle blocker, she would like to play outside hitter.

When Kim was asked if she wanted to win the Rookie of the Year award, she didn’t hesitate for a second before answering “yes”.

She did not hide the confidence of the No. 1 overall pick, who is about to become a professional player for the first time after wrapping up her high school career. 안전놀이터

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