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Triathlon Test Event Scheduled on the Seine River

Triathlon test event scheduled on the Seine River on the 17th and 18th local time

Can I swim in the Seine River in Paris? triathlon test event

The open water swimming test event 10 days before

was canceled due to deteriorating water quality.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Triathlon ‘Test Event’

will be held on the Seine in Paris, France.

Ten days after the open water swimming test even

was canceled due to ‘deteriorating water quality’,

‘Seine River water quality’ is verified again. 바카라

The World Triathlon Federation said on the 16th (local time),

“One day before the opening of the Paris Olympic test event,

the athletes and the federation conducted a preliminary inspection.”


Triathlon, a sport that combines swimming, cycling and running,

checks the course one day before the competition.

This test event, like the ‘Paris Olympic Course’,

involves swimming in the Seine River and running around the Seine River.

The gaze turned to the Seine.

On the 16th local time, the players entered the Seine River.

During the drill, the water quality of the Seine River passed the ‘standard point’.

Christian Blumenfeld

Christian Blumenfeld (Norway), a gold medalist

in the men’s individual triathlon at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, told Reuters:

“I open my mouth when I swim.

I hope nothing goes wrong with my body tomorrow.”

Paris Olympic Triathlon

The Paris Olympic triathlon test event will be held on the 17th local time

for the women’s individual event and the men’s individual event on the 18th.

The open water swimming test event scheduled to be held on the Seine River

on the 5th and 6th was canceled due to ‘water quality deterioration’.


At the time, the International Swimming Federation explained the reason for the cancellation,

saying, “After recent heavy rains in Paris, the water quality of the Seine River has remained below acceptable standards to protect the health of swimmers.”

Afterwards, the Paris Olympic Organizing Committee said,

“We will definitely prove that the Olympic Games can be held on the Seine River.”

In late July and early August of this year, there was an unusually heavy rain in Paris.

Under normal weather, the water quality of the Seine River passed the standard. level,” he explained.

Since the open water swimming test event was canceled due to poor water quality,

the organizers’ will to hold the triathlon test event is strong.

The organizing committee said, “The triathlon event will be an important starting point

to prove that ‘the Seine River is a place where you can swim’.”

Olympic Games

The city of Paris is promoting a plan to allow swimming

in some areas of the Seine from 2025 on the occasion of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

When the Olympic Games were first held in Paris in 1900,

swimming competitions were held in the Seine River,

but it was banned from 1923 due to deteriorating water quality.

There are still criticisms that “it is a selfish idea to use the Olympics

in which athletes from various countries participate in the ‘Seine River water quality test’.”

The World Triathlon Federation said, “We inspect the water quality of the Seine several times a day.

“If the water quality deteriorates on race day,

we will switch to a duathlon (cycling and track and field) format without swimming,” he said.

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