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Pohang’s forfeit? Huge upset over replacement…announcement pushed back to “careful consideration”

There’s still no resolution to the “mistake” of substitutions at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on Aug. 28. The KFA has delayed making a final announcement, saying it needs to “carefully review the matter.”

The league held a match evaluation committee on Tuesday to discuss the “substitution mistake” that occurred between 카지노사이트 Jeonbuk Hyundai and Pohang Steelers on Oct. 28.

First, here’s the situation. During the Hana One Q K League 1 35th Round match between Jeonbuk and Pohang at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on April 28, in the 26th minute of the first half, Pohang’s Kim Yong-hwan fell during a scuffle and was carted off with a sore ankle. Pohang tried to substitute Shin Kwang-hoon for Kim Yong-hwan, but the substitution board showed Kim In-sung’s number 7, meaning that Kim In-sung and Shin Kwang-hoon had to be substituted. The substitution sheet submitted by Pohang also read ‘Kim In-sung out, Shin Kwang-hoon in’. It was supposed to read Kim Yong-hwan, who was injured, but a mistake was made in the process.

However, Kim In-sung was on the field at the time, and Shin Kwang-hoon was also on the grass. Kim Yong-hwan was carted off and Pohang played with 11 players, but for the record, Pohang played with 12. In the meantime, six minutes had passed. Only after Jeonbuk protested against the waiting referee did Kim In-sung come off and Kim Seung-dae came on. It was an unfortunate mistake on Pohang’s part, as they had to use two substitutions in a row.

On the other hand, Jeonbuk announced on the 29th that it has “submitted an official protest letter in accordance with Article 33, Paragraph 2 of the Federation’s Competition Regulations regarding the match between the K League 1 35R Pohang Steelers, requesting 1) Pohang’s 0:3 forfeit and 2) post-retirement disciplinary action against players Kim In-sung and Shin Kwang-hoon.”

The league rules state that “if an ineligible player’s participation in an official match is discovered during or after the match and a protest is filed by the opposing club within 48 hours of the end of the match, the club in which the ineligible player played shall be deemed to have lost the match 0-3. The question is whether Kim In-sung, who was substituted out for the record, was an “ineligible player”. If Jeonbuk’s protest is upheld, Pohang could face a 0-3 forfeit.

However, the match evaluation committee on the 30th was inconclusive. According to a federation official, “It was concluded that it is a difficult matter to decide immediately. We will review various aspects, such as overseas cases and the penalty committee, and make a decision. The exact deadline is also undecided.”

Coincidentally, the K League 1 is taking a week off due to the 2023 Hana OneQ FA Cup quarterfinals and finals on November 1 and 4. It is expected to be concluded before the upcoming 36th round of the league. If second-place Pohang’s forfeit is upheld, it will cause chaos in the standings. If the forfeit is upheld, Pohang will have 59 points and Jeonbuk will have 55 points. In this case, the race for the second and third place spots with the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) berths at stake will be even tighter.

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