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Liverpool Shoots Big To Replace Klopp, Seeks To Sign Valverde With ‘Best Transfer Price Ever’

Is it possible for Liverpool to take the main midfielder of Real Madrid. Some predict that the new coach, who will succeed Jurgen Klopp, will be recruited by Federico Valverde, but the reality is questionable.

“Team Talk” predicted that Liverpool will approach Valverde this summer, which had been seeking to recruit him for a long time. Some analysts said that Liverpool would have to pay the highest transfer fee in the club’s history to seriously pursue recruitment. If so, Valverde, who has been comparable to Steven Gerrard, will join Gerrard’s team.

Liverpool is leading the English Premier League (PL) this season and is finishing his final season well. He already won the Carabao Cup, and is also cruising well in the English FA Cup and the UEFA Europa League. He may also seek to win the title of “Four Mini” this season. Klopp announced his break after this season and has won eight trophies since he took the helm of Liverpool in 2015. He is able to win the title of multi-wandering champion in his final season.

If things continue as they were before, it will be impossible to recruit Valverde. The Uruguayan team moved to Real at the age of 18 and has been on loan since the 2018-2019 season, before being deployed in the main league in earnest. He is a regular starter. He has played the role of a multi-tactical key role of coach Carlo Ancelotti, as he played the role of winger as well as central midfielder, his main job.

However, if another club gives a large amount of money, the possibility of a transfer is raised because Real’s reorganization is approaching this summer. It is certain that Kylian Mbappe will leave Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to join Real, but the positions do not overlap directly, but there is also a problem that the rich club Real needs funds and there are too many main players. Florentino Perez, the president, has an operating policy to build a good squad even if the position balance is a bit off, and Ancelotti is a man who finds a great tactical solution in that case. If Valverde is the only player who can sell for a large amount when Mbappe joins, the Real leadership may ask Ancelotti to take care of both deals after pushing for them.

However, Liverpool has to endure excessive consumption if all these 바카라 conditions are to be met. The proposed transfer fee is 129 million pounds (about 220.6 billion won). Sporting CP coach Hu Ben Amorim is considered as Klopp’s replacement because of his intention to save player transfer fees and form a team focused on fostering the team. The Liverpool club’s intention not to spend much money is not compatible with the club’s recruitment of Valverde.

Meanwhile, Valverde is also known as the “blanket man.” When he was a youth representative, he made a gesture of tearing his eyes sideways in Korea, which sparked controversy over racial discrimination among Asians, and later led to criticism that he did not properly explain and apologize.

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