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LG has Lost 4 Consecutive Games and Won 5 in a row The Matthew Effect Prominent After the Trade

Whoever has it will receive more and have more plenty

and whoever does not have it will be deprived even of what he has.

American sociologist Robert Merton called the phenomenon in which people with a lot of social and material capital tend to achieve social and economic success is the “Matthew effect” after Matthew 25:29 in the New Testament.

The professional baseball game between the first-place team LG and the bottom-ranked Kiwoom

held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 13th

was a stark example of this Matthew effect. LG beat Kiwoom 1-17 at home to snap a five-game winning streak. 온라인카지노

Kiwoom, on the other hand

fell into a four-game losing streak.

LG celebrated its fifth consecutive win with three home runs by Park Dong-won in the bottom of the second inning

Austin in the bottom of the third and Hong Chang-gi in the bottom of the eighth.

Hong Chang-ki

who was the only one of the three batters who had filled the regulation at-bat before the game and did not have a home run

hit a home run for the first time in the season to seal the victory of the day.

Hong Chang-ki said

“I feel like the fans like me more than I do

so I’m grateful.

I wanted to hit a home run

but I didn’t want to care.

I think the batted balls that could have gone over became second base or hits that hit the fence

” he said


“I didn’t have a home run

but I think there are other offensive metrics that are contributing to the team’s win.”

This season

Chang-Ki Hong ranks first in the league in on-base percentage (.2)

first in runs scored (1)

second in doubles (0)

third in batting average (.450) and third in hits (1).

LG captain Oh Ji-hwan was replaced by Jung Joo-hyun due to pain in the front thigh from the beginning of the third inning

but the gap in the starting shortstop was not too much evident due to the generous score difference.

● LG 80-2 and Kiwoom 2-28

since the July 3 trade The two teams’ moves have diverged sharply since the trade on July 0.

LG, which ranks first in both team ERA and team batting average

gave up two hitter prospects

Lee Joo-hyung, who was drafted in the second round of the 330 Rookie Draft

and tall (3 cm) pitcher Kim Dong-gyu

who was drafted in the second round of the 121 Rookie Draft

and acquired Choi Won-tae

a local starting pitcher with a three-run average.

LG went 3-7 after the trade

extending its team-best seven-game winning streak this season.

The gap with second-place SSG was also increased from 29.12 games on July 2 to 1 games.

On the other hand

after the trade

which actually raised the “white flag” for the game this season

Kiwoom is going downhill with a 13-29 record leading up to today’s game

including an eight-game losing streak.

Of course, Kiwoom was also a trade that had plenty of long-term benefits.

Immediately after the trade

there were many people in the baseball world who were concerned about LG’s impatience in releasing Lee Joo-hyung

a hitter who was said to be “sure to explode” if given a chance. Lee Joo-hyung also hit two home runs in August alone after the trade

and had an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 1.2020 in August before this game.

Of the batters named in the lineup that day

only one batter in the third inning filled the regulation at-bat: Kim Hye-sung.

This was the reason why Lee Jung-hoo needed a long-hitting hitting resource like Lee Joo-hyung for the next season

when he would try out for Major League Baseball (MLB).

●Bin Ik Bin Buik Bu Ik Bu Prominent Mound

However, Kiwoom was forced to stand out even more on the mound without it on this day.


who had removed ace Ahn Woo-jin from the roster for fitness reasons, chose Kim Dong-gyu

who had only two runs (one earned) in one-third of an inning with first-team experience

as the starting pitcher.

Head coach Hong Won-ki Ki-woom commented on Kim Dong-gyu’s decision to make his starting debut against his parent team, LG, saying

“It can be cruel and it can be a lot of pressure as a young player.

But when that fear turns into confidence, you have more energy.


rookie Kim Dong-gyu

who made his debut start at Jamsil Stadium in front of nearly 2,2 spectators over the weekend

came off the mound after allowing five runs

including two wild pitches that led to two runs.

On the other hand

Lim Chan-gyu, who only scored 13 points in scoring assists

scored five runs in five innings and was enough to raise his 5th win (5 losses) of the season.

Kiwoom had hits in all of his starting hitters

but the shine faded after the extra minutes of the game.

● LG Sweep Kiwoom

 who confirmed early with a big inning of 9 runs in the third inning, tried to keep up the chase by raising Yang Hyun in the bottom of the third inning after trailing 2-3. However

in the third inning alone

LG Taesun pushed Yang Hyun to five consecutive hits

starting with a solo shot by No. 7 hitter Austin and ending with No. 2 hitter Lee Jae-won.

Yang Hyun got the first out of the count with an infield fly to No. 5 hitter Park Hae-min

but the score gap had already widened to 3-3.

As the defensive time lengthened

mistakes were also made by Kim Hye-sung, who was a regular at Hosobi Films. No. 4 batter Hong Chang-gi’s mediocre ground ball to second base led to a one-out crisis.

In the end

LG scored four more runs on an infield hit by Shin Min-jae

a sacrifice fly by Kim Hyun-so

and a timely hit by Austin to extend the score to 8-run (9-2) in the third inning.

Lee Jae-won

a prospect that LG is painstakingly nurturing

also had multiple hits in two consecutive games

including the previous day’s game.

Lee Jae-won shook opposing pitcher Kim Dong-gyu by actively participating not only with the bat but also with the base

such as stealing second base with a stolen base

stealing second base from the opposing pitcher’s bat on the ensuing wild pitch

and stepping on home plate with a double steal while Hong Chang-gi stole second base.

In his second and fifth at-bats, Lee Jae-won

who made a big hit that landed in front of the left fielder

went 2-for-3 with three hits

two runs scored and two RBIs.

It was the first three-hit game in about three months since the Jamsil KT game on May 2.

Lee Jae-won said

“In the beginning

I think it didn’t work out better because my brothers were all good at it and I was trying to chase them.

My brothers are my brothers

and I’m going to go my own way

my own way

he said


“I think if I keep going to the game

I can afford it.”

Lee Jae-won

who has not yet reached his full potential as a prospect for Utagupo and has been constantly requested to be traded by other clubs

laughed about how he felt watching Lee Joo-hyung’s performance after the trade


“As everyone knows

it’s subtle

” adding


I think it’s right for a player who is good (in the team) to go out (to play).

I’m going to keep preparing like I am now

and when I get the chance

I’ll try to grab it.”

● The two Sanchez

Lotte scored one run in the seventh inning (no runs) from starter Barnes and scoreless pitching by the “relief duo” Koo Seung-min and Kim Won-joong to earn a 4-3 victory over KIA.

KIA Sanchez

who faced Barnes as the starter on the day

took the loss after failing to get a single run after pitching five innings of one-run ball.

Hanwha Sanchez

on the other hand

picked up his sixth win of the season with three runs in six innings against Doosan.

Doosan was unable to turn the game around after starter Choi Won-joon gave up four runs in 2 and 2/5 innings and was pulled early

losing 16-3.

Yang Seok-hwan scored his 7th shot of the season

but the defeat was overshadowed.

● Peddy’s 1-win challenge is the next opportunity to

lead the season in wins (6) and ERA (1.5) NC Peddy suffered his fourth loss of the season with three runs (one earned) in five innings against Suwon KT.

KT led the team to a 1-1 victory with six scoreless innings pitched by starting pitcher Lee Jung-seong.

With the victory on the day

third-place KT widened the gap to fourth-place NC to two games.

In literature, the home team SSG beat Samsung 6-3 on the back of starting pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun’s seven-inning scoreless outing

ending a two-game winning streak.

Samsung Weidner

who made his first start since switching uniforms to Samsung after being released from NC last month

took the loss

allowing four runs in 6 1/3 innings.

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