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Lawson vs Warney vs Bass What is the expert opinion of this year’s best foreign player?

Competition for the top foreign player position in professional basketball this year is fierce.Jamil Warney (SK), who received the Foreign Player Award three times in the past four seasons, Didrick Lawson, who leads Wonju DB’s run to first place, and Paris Bass (KT), who achieved triple-doubles twice this season. These are players that stand out.In scoring, Warney is first with 26.1 points, Bath is second with 25.3 points, and Lawson is fourth with 22.6 points.In terms of rebounds, Warney is ranked 3rd with 11.5 rebounds, followed by Lawson 6th (10.3 rebounds) and Bath 7th (10 rebounds).

Above all, in the team rankings, DB is in the lead with 23 wins and 6 losses, SK is in second place with 19 wins and 8 losses, and KT is in third place with 18 wins and 9 losses, so the ace foreign players of these teams are highly regarded.Lawson, who played for Goyang Carrots (currently Goyang Sono) last season, shows a step forward in DB this season.Last season, he performed well with 18.7 points and 9.5 rebounds, but this year he improved to 22.6 points and 10.3 rebounds.It is said that he has a great influence not only on his personal records but also on saving the lives of his fellow players.When asked to compare these three players, KBS commentator Son Dae-beom ranked Lawson first, saying, “Lawson has the greatest influence on the team in that he not only scores when needed but is also involved in almost every aspect of the team.”Commissioner Son Dae-beom said, “In particular, with the addition of Lawson, DB, which was not a favorite before the opening, is now leading alone,” adding, “Recently, Bass has been showing flashy form with various scoring 온라인카지노 routes, but we need to watch a little more

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