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KLPGA Tour’s big prize money part 2 – Senior Tour takes a step backward

Park Do-eun, who finished 60th on the money list on the Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour this year and just missed being seeded for next season, earned $178.3 million in prize money.That’s a lot of money for an office worker to dream of before becoming an executive, but on the KLPGA Tour, it’s nearly 200 million won for a player who can barely keep her seeding.

Considering that there are less than 120 players on the KLPGA Tour’s official money list, it’s safe to say that the 60th place on the money list is the median.The wallets of the KLPGA Tour players have been deepening, especially those in the middle and lower rungs of the rankings, faster than the pockets of the top 10 players.Looking at the median 60th-ranked player on the money list, last year Jeong Jung-min earned $143.35 million.The year before, 60th-ranked Ahn Song-i earned $125.38 million.In 2020, the 60th-ranked Kwak Bomi earned $79.3 million. 스포츠토토존 In 2020, there were only 17 tournaments due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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