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James Nail, demonstrated live pitching with his teammates

Kia Tigers’ newest foreign pitcher, James Nail, demonstrated live pitching with his teammates at the plate.

Nail is the newest foreign pitcher to join the Kia Tigers this season. He stands at 193 centimeters tall. He is a 31-year-old veteran pitcher with big league experience with the St. Louis Cardinals in Major League Baseball in 2023.

Nail was the last pitcher that Kia brought in. On January 19, the Kia signed Nail to a one-year, $700,000 contract ($200,000 signing bonus, $350,000 salary, $150,000 option). 토토사이트 Kia is hoping that Crowe and Nail will serve as a one-two punch of foreign pitchers.

Nail made his first live pitching appearance at the Okinawa camp. His teammates went to bat and he faced off against them. The batters hit a lot of ground balls and no home runs.

The batters were still not at full strength, but Nail was confident.

He smiled at his teammates between pitches and continued to pitch. His fastball from his tall stature into the third quarter was impressive.

After 25 bullpen pitches, Nail threw more than 20 live pitches.

Kia hasn’t had much luck with foreign pitchers for the second straight year.

Last year, four foreign pitchers-Anderson, Medina, Fanoni, and Sanchez-took the mound at Champions Field, but none of them were able to convince. 파워볼실시간 The four foreign pitchers combined for just 16 wins on the season.

Kia chose two foreign pitchers with big league experience this year, Crowe and Nail.

Hopefully, the two foreign pitchers from the big leagues can end the atrocity.

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