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Its Shin Dong-yeop I Think it was a Broadcasting Accident should I go Again


‘King of Singers’ MC Shin Dong-yeop and special master Shim Soo-bong showed polar opposite reactions in the second round of the on-site nomination contest.

MBN’s ‘Active Singer King’ is a survival entertainment show that selects the top 7 active female trot singers representing Korea to participate in the ‘Korea-Japan Trot King Battle’ to be held in 2024.

In the broadcast on the 19th, following the first round of the previous on-site pointing contest, the on-site pointing contest featuring Kim Yang, Jo Jeong-min, Kang So-ri, Joo-mi, Mai Jin, Yoon Tae-hwa, Kim Ji-hyun, Kim So-yu, Ryu Won-jeong, Yoo Min-ji, Park Seong-yeon, Kim San-ha, Kim Na-hee, Song Min-kyung, Second and Hai Liang. Round 2 opens. 먹튀검증사이트

In particular, on this day, special masters, including MC Shin Dong-yeop, continued to draw attention to the stage where they repeatedly responded with polar opposites.

First, Master Shim Soo-bong, who has delivered strict evaluations based on his unique insight and standards, excited the scene by directly requesting casting, saying, “If I perform, it would be nice to do it together,” as soon as he saw Han’s performance.

On the other hand, Shin Dong-yeop said, “I thought it was a broadcasting accident” after watching the performance of an active player, and “I was really surprised.” He gave a questionable response, saying, “I thought I had to go back because the recording was wrong.” It raises expectations and curiosity as to what kind of active stage caused such conflicting reactions.

Also, on this day, the active duty personnel performed a parade of famous lines from their candidacy, causing laughter and tension at the same time. One incumbent called an unexpected person and praised him by saying, “This guy is good,” but the incumbent who was pointed out said, “He’s good, so would you have chosen me? He said, “I guess they picked him because he was easy,” which embarrassed the incumbent who pointed him out.

In addition, Hyun-kyung, who was singled out, said, “Can we walk separately?” and he went to the stage far ahead, surprising even the masters with an unprecedented level of nerves.

One current player provoked the opponent who chose her by saying, “Sister, you’ve done a lot so far, right?”, and another active player also heated up the heat of the confrontation to the peak with intense attack power, saying, “Characters like this cannot overlap, so please voluntarily withdraw quickly.” made it soar

Two active performers who are completely different from their debut years to their singing and stage styles face off against each other. An older incumbent said, “I picked him because I thought he was weak,” and shouted out the name of a distant junior. “Did I do something wrong?” he trembled and eventually made a gesture of dragging himself out, making everyone burst into laughter.

It made people look forward to the future of the match to see who would be able to smile victoriously in the battle between old and new.

The production team of ‘King of Active Singers’ said, “A panorama of emotions will unfold where you can fully feel the joys and sorrows of those watching and performing, including the blood, sweat and tears of active players and the application of ruthless survival rules.” They added, “Let’s see who will advance to the next round.” “Please check it on air,” he said.

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