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“If Ahn Chi-hong, Jeong Eun-won, and Ha Joo-suk explode…”

“If Ahn Chi-hong, Jung Eun-won and Ha Joo-seok can hit….”

The baseball world has been busy talking about the Hanwha Eagles lately, and the return of the “monster” Ryu Hyun-jin has been a huge topic in itself. Why did Ryu sign an eight-year contract, can he still pitch as dominantly as he did in his old age, how many wins will he get, will he be in the Opening Day lineup, and so much more.

The LG Twins are a team that is particularly interested in Ryu Hyun-jin and Han Hwa. In a season where they’ve lost two in a row and are aiming to build a dynasty, they’re already bouncing off the abacus at the arrival of ‘Bokbyeong’ Hanwha. Manager Yeom Kyung-yup said, “We calculated minus two wins. I think we will have to give up the challenge of winning the most regular season games this year.”

Coincidentally, 안전놀이터 LG’s opening game opponent is Hanwha. So, Ryu Hyun-jin declared, “One of LG’s minus two wins will come in the opening game.” Many people wondered about Ryu’s physical condition, but he said he was in good shape and was determined to play in the opening game.

However, Yeom doesn’t see Ryu as the only reason Hanhwa is stronger this year.

He believes that Ryu will give them at least 10 wins, and with the potential for explosion in the batting order, they could be a scary team. What he’s talking about.

“They have a strong starting lineup with Ryu Hyun-jin and Moon Dong-joo back on track. But I think it’s important that they have Ahn Chi-hong. He’s so big. He’s a hitter who can hit more than 2.8 pounds. He can hit over 80 runs. It’s a completely different feeling to have a hitter like that in the batting order or not.”

Hanwha paid Ahn Chi-hong a total of 7.2 billion won for up to six years in free agency. While it was considered a bit of an overpay and there were some positional redundancies, it could be the next step in Hanwha’s batting lineup. When Chae Eun-sung, a ‘9 billion won free agent’, joined the team last year, it felt like it was too much for one person, but now with Noh Si-hwan, Chae Eun-sung, Ahn Chi-hong, and Jonathan Peraza, it feels much stronger. This is the synergy.

In addition to Ahn Chi-hong,

Yeom also mentioned Jung Eun-won and Ha Joo-seok. Jeong is a former Golden Glove second baseman, but he’s been struggling lately. Ha has also struggled in various ways and is preparing for a breakout season. Yoon explains that these players could have temporary slumps, and that they have the potential to “re-explode” because of their talent. “This is what’s really scary. If Jeong Eun-won and Ha Joo-suk can hit, Hanhwa’s batting lineup could be as good as any of the 10 teams. We have Roh Si-hwan in the center. The batting mechanics have stabilized now. 카지노사이트 추천 The drop in performance in the second half of last season was due to physical fitness. Technology is already at the top of the league. They are in their prime. It can keep exploding,” he emphasized.

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