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Djokovic, the oldest men’s tennis singles world ranked No. 1

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic (Serbia) has become the oldest person to be ranked No. 1 in the men’s professional tennis (ATP) singles world rankings.

Djokovic still maintained first place in the ATP singles world rankings announced on the 8th (Korean time). 파워볼사이트

Born in May 1987, Djokovic maintained the world number one ranking in singles at the age of 36 years and 11 months, surpassing the previous record of 36 years and 10 months held by Roger Federer (retired, Switzerland).

Djokovic, who has been ranked number one in the world since September of last year, has been ranked number one in singles for a total of 420 weeks, far ahead of Federer, who ranks second in this category, with 310 weeks.

However, Federer has the longest consecutive number one ranking at 237 weeks, and Djokovic has 122 weeks, so it is not easy to overtake Federer’s record.

Djokovic also holds the record for most singles wins in major tournaments, with 24. Rafael Nadal (Spain) reached the top in the 22nd and Federer in the 20th.

Djokovic will participate in the ATP Tour Rolex Monte Carlo Masters, which opened in Monaco on the 7th. 성인웹툰

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