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Abolition of the Salary Cap in the Women’s Soccer WK League

Professional Footballers’ Association Calls for the Abolition of the Salary Cap in the Women’s Soccer WK League

The Korea Professional Footballers’ Association (hereinafter referred to as the Players’ Association) publicly called for the abolition of the ‘salary cap system’ in the women’s professional soccer league, WK, which limited the maximum annual salary to 50 million won.

The players’ association issued a press release on the 28th and said, “We agreed to work to abolish the annual salary cap and improve the treatment of female athletes.” 바카라사이트

According to the Players’ Association, Secretary General Kim Hoon-ki recently held a seminar with WK League Incheon Hyundai Steel players, saying, “The club and the players should decide their salaries autonomously.

We are not asking for a higher salary.

It is important to create a free negotiation environment.”

He said, “The maximum annual salary was set at 50 million won in 2009.

“Considering the rise in prices, this is a system that must now be abolished,” he said.

“I am expressing my wish that many players would carefully negotiate their salaries autonomously instead of using a cap system.”

Ji So-yeon (Seattle Reign), president of the players’ association, also said in December last year.

At the Korea Women’s Football Federation awards ceremony, they suggested improving the salary system and professionalization, saying, “Right now, how many people will let their children play women’s soccer, where the highest annual salary is 50 million won”

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