Sunday, 16th June 2024


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Ski resorts in Gangwon Province, including Yongpyong and Phoenix Park, opened on the 24th and began full-scale operations.Yongpyong Ski Resort in Pyeongchang opened three slopes first, including red, pink, and yellow, and began welcoming guests.Yongpyong Ski Resort has been making artificial snow with 100 snowplows since the past 10 days.

To commemorate the opening, the ski resort will give away 10,000 won for each lift and equipment rental and hydrangea tea bread from Balwangsan on a first-come, first-served basis.Yongpyong Ski Resort will welcome guests in fantastic conditions this season, including the introduction of 30 new snowmachines, reinforcement of all slopes with LEDs, and maintenance of the strongest snow quality.Along with Yongpyong Ski Resort, Pyeongchang’s Phoenix Park Ski Resort also opened its slopes, including Dodo, Penguin, and Hawk 1, to welcome guests.Until December 7, the ski resort is holding events to commemorate the opening, including all-day 카지노사이트킹 pass premium, smart pass, equipment rental for 10,000 won, and snow village for 10,000 won.

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