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TripleS returns as 24-member group with ‘Assemble24’

K-pop girl group TripleS / Courtesy of Modhaus

TripleS, the largest K-pop girl group with 24 members, dropped a new album, “Assemble24,” featuring the lead single “Girls Never Die,” Wednesday.This was the first time for all 24 members to perform together since the group debuted as a 10-piece act in 2023.After debuting with the EP “Assemble,” the members formed different sub-units, such as EVOLution and Aria, to showcase diverse music styles while unveiling 14 new members in sequence.”This album heralds a beginning of our new journey as a 24-member group,” member Chaeyeon said during a press event at YES24 Live Hll in eastern Seoul’s Gwangjin District, Wednesday.”All of our colors are displayed in this release,” she added.

“Girls Never Die” is a song showcasing the their determination to stay strong despite hardships. The group’s fans chose the title track through a vote.”We also had our own vote, and ‘Girls Never Die’ turned out to be our No.1 pick,” Sohyun explained. “I think it is a good tune for a multi-member group.”TripleS is not the only K-pop act with more than 20 members. Boy band NCT from SM Entertainment is composed of 26 members who perform under different sub-units, including NCT127, NCT Dream and NCT Wish.Logistics for tripleS, given its size, include unique challenges.”To carry all of us, we need five minivans and a bus,” Yooyeon said.Nakyoung added, “One of the disadvantages is that we have to go to our hair and makeup shop early. Sometimes, 슬롯놀이터 some of us have to leave as early as 1 a.m. to get there.”

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