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Top golfers ‘scream with happiness’ as Team Glorious gets special care

어메이징 매직쇼”…팀 글로리어스 특별 관리에 톱골퍼들 '행복한 비명' - 매일경제

It wasn’t just the players who participated in the GS Caltex Mae Kyung Open who were satisfied. Lee Jung-hwan, Lee Seung-taek, Moon Do-yeop, and Park Sung-joon gave a thumbs-up to Team Glorious, which has been managing the physical condition of the players this year.

Most of the 144 players competing in the GS Caltex Mae Kyung Open, which is being held at Namseoul CC in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, since February 2, have received specialized care from Team Glory, a group of Korea’s top fitness and body care experts. Korean players weren’t the only ones to visit Team Glorious. Asian Tour players also spent a lot of time with Team Glorious trainers during the tournament.

From warming up before their matches to massages, strengthening exercises, and muscle treatments, the athletes were happy with the personalized service they received. Asian Tour player Jack Murray (AUS) called it a “magic show” and expressed his gratitude to the Team Glorious trainers.

“The first time I received a player management service from Team Glorious during a practice round, the discomfort in my body completely disappeared,” he said. “I even learned how to strengthen my muscles to prevent injuries. With the help of Team Glorious, I will be able to stay healthy for the rest of the season.”

Jed Morgan (AUS) and Bjorn Hellegrens (SWE) were also impressed with the personalized attention. “There aren’t many tournaments on the Asian Tour where you can get this kind of care,” said Hellegrens. I can definitely see why Team Glorious is called the best player management team in Korea,” said Hellegríns. ”If I were in Korea, I would want to come to them every day. If I participate in this tournament again next year, I will definitely come to Team Glorious.”

Some Korean players have also experienced the magic of Team Glorious. Most notably, Lee Seung-taek. Lee came to Team Glorious with a limp after injuring his left calf muscle during a practice round, but after receiving intensive medical treatment, his condition improved.

“I was worried about my left calf, which was uncomfortable, but after going to Team Glorious, the pain disappeared,” said 토토사이트 Lee Seung-taek. “I think the touch of the professionals is different. It helped me tremendously to compete in this tournament.”

Team Glorious trainers, who spent their time from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. during the tournament, said they were happy to be a part of the event. “We are happy to help the top players representing Korea and the Asian Tour perform at their best,” said Sun Jong-hyeop, CEO of Team Glorious. “It was incredibly rewarding to hear the players say thank you. We will continue to do our best to ensure that no player is unable to compete due to injury.”

The Asian Tour, which is co-organizing the tournament with the Korea Golf Association (KGA), also expressed its gratitude to Team Glorious. “Many of our players were not in good physical condition due to a season-long schedule that took them to and from various countries, but Team Glorious helped them improve their physical condition,” said an Asian Tour official. “We are actively considering adopting GS Caltex Mae Kyung Open’s special player management program for other Asian Tour events.”

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