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The Soccer Player a National Representative Lee Sun-Min’s First Taegeuk Mark

Although he is a latecomer who made his professional debut at the age of 26, he has had several of the best moments of his life in the past year. 

Rapping soccer player’ Lee Soon-min has been selected for the national team for the first time and is waiting for his first game with excitement.

“A debut that took a long time and growth without limits.

If you meet me in the midfield, I recommend abstaining.

My life itself is a masterpiece of art.”

Lee Soon-min, who stood at the K-League awards ceremony last year, is actually Gwangju’s starting midfielder.

Lee Soon-min/Gwangju FC:

I received a lot of messages from people around me asking

Why are you doing so well?’, and I also heard a lot of people saying, ‘I don’t know what your main job is. 온라인섯다

 Since soccer is my main job, I have to get better at soccer. 

And I’m good at soccer.

At the awards ceremony, I was selected as one of the best elevens in the second division, but my soccer life was not smooth.

I joined the military without even playing a single match as a professional

debuted at the age of 26, and only after struggling for three years did the dramatic moment come.

Last year, his team Gwangju was promoted to the first division, and a few days ago

thanks to his outstanding activity level and stable passing, he was selected for the national soccer team for the first time in his life.

Lee Sun-min/Gwangju FC:

Is it true? Is this real? I think I spent each day thinking like this.

I wasn’t waiting for the list to be announced.

Even though he plays defense with dedication, he sometimes scores a ‘wonder goal’, and he did the same in the All-Star game against Atletico Madrid a month ago.

Lee Soon-min/Gwangju FC:

As I was trying to focus on the role I was trying to play, I thought that such a good moment came at the end.

 I believe that if I do my best in my daily life, such good things will definitely happen to me.

When others think of ‘giving up’, Soon-min Lee, who has achieved his earnest dream, now looks to a higher place.

Lee Soon-min/Gwangju FC:

Wouldn’t it be great to keep the beginning going and set a goal of winning the Asian Cup nearby?

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