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The Asian Games, Park Ha-jun and Lee Eun-seo Win in 10m Air Rifle

[Asian Games] Park Ha-jun and Lee Eun-seo Win 10m Air Rifle Mixed Bronze Medal After a Spectacular Match Against India

Park Ha-jun (23, KT) and Lee Eun-seo (29, Seosan City Hall) won Korea’s sixth medal in shooting at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

The Victory

Ha-jun Park and Eun-seo Lee achieved a dramatic victory of 20-18 in the 10m air rifle mixed bronze medal match held at the Fuyang Inhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, China on the 26th.

The bronze medal match was held in such a way that each team shot once and the team with the highest score received 2 points. 카지노사이트

In case of a tie, 1 point is shared.

In this way, the team that reaches 16 points first wins.

On this day, Park Ha-jun and Lee Eun-seo produced a double play against Panwar Divyansi Singh and Ramita (India).

Korean Team

The Korean team, which had lost the first four games and was down 0-8,

belatedly set zero and took the reins of the chase.

After winning the first two points in the 5th, they tied the game,

then won the 7th to 9th to tie the score at 9-9.

The Indian team regained its concentration and ran away to 15-11,

but the national team also showed its strength in the last minute and managed to tie the score at 15-15.

In the ensuing match, both teams played a close match, tying the score three times.

Every time the score was tied, admiration and cheers flowed from the audience.

At 17-17, Lee Eun-seo shot 10.9 and Park Ha-jun slipped to 10.0,

the loss seemed to be deepening,

but the Indian team also survived by hitting 10.8 and 10.1, respectively.

And the Korean team won the bronze medal in 18-18 with Lee Eun-seo shooting 10.8 and Park Ha-jun shooting 10.7.

Ha-Jun Park and Eun-Seo Lee ranked 3rd (629.6 points) out of 21 teams in the preliminaries held earlier,

unfortunately did not advance to the gold medal match.

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