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Seoul’s Gangnam-gu (District Councilor Cho Sung-myung) announced last month that it has installed 11 sculptures modeled after taekwondo forms on the center of Teheran-ro, near the intersection of Gugwiwon, the “headquarters of taekwondo,” in Seoul. The city installed the sculptures considering that many visitors are unaware that Gugukgiwon, the world headquarters of taekwondo, is located here. By doing so, it aims to promote Kukkiwon and taekwondo as historical and cultural assets of Gangnam .The sculptures range in height from 2.9 to 4.2 meters, and the five sculptures installed in the direction of Yeoksam Station, centered on the intersection of Kukkiwon and Yeoksam Station, represent the continuous movement 카지노사이트킹 of the “stone dog kick,” a difficult technique that involves turning the body and jumping back. The six sculptures installed in the direction of Gangnam Station depicted a single movement: kicking and blocking. The sculptures are illuminated with LED lights to make them more visible at night. The city hopes the sculptures will energize the nighttime streets of Tehran. “We installed the Taekwondo sculpture in Teheran Road to brand Taekwondo, a traditional martial art, as a tourist resource in Gangnam,” said Cho Sung-myung, mayor of Gangnam-gu. “We will continue to implement various projects to revitalize various attractions in Gangnam.”

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