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Son Heung-min signs life as Tottenham legend

It seems to be solidifying with Son Heung-min and mid- to long-term company.

It was argued that Son Heung-min’s English Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur’s activation of a one-year extension option under the contract with Son Heung-min is part of a suspension for future contract negotiations. They claim that although they will implement the option, they will be able to sign a long-term contract soon. As Tottenham highly recognizes Son Heung-min’s value as a global brand, it is imperative to sign a long-term contract with him.

“Spurs Web,” which reports Tottenham’s news, said on the 27th (Korea Standard Time), “The reason behind Tottenham’s implementation of the one-year extension option is to improve its negotiation position in the middle of discussing a new contract with Son Heung-min,” adding, “Tottenham expects to sign a mid- to long-term contract with Son Heung-min before the start of the new season.”

I won’t let Son finish his contract

It is a complete reversal of 180 degrees. Earlier, just two days after it was reported that Tottenham would invoke the option of extending one year to sell out Son, a “hopeful” opinion emerged, reversing this.

Football Insider, a British media outlet that continues to track Son’s contract renewal, said on the 25th, “Tottenham will implement a one-year contract extension attached to the contract to ensure that Son can receive a large transfer fee,” adding, “Defensive player Alan Hutton, who played for Tottenham and Scotland Rangers, insisted that he would not let Son finish his contract.”

Son has one year left before his contract with Tottenham ends this summer. He claimed that if the contract is not extended, he will enter the final season, preventing Tottenham from being at a disadvantage and activating the extension option with Son in order to “cash up Son Heung-min.”

“I think the club put a clause in their contract to protect themselves,” Hutton said. “If Tottenham chooses an option, (Son Heung-min) will be given two seasons. If someone else comes in for him during that period, he could receive a transfer fee that Tottenham feel is worth to him.”

The report seemed to clear up the debate between Tottenham and Son Heung-min’s contract.

The first report on a one-year extension option was made last month. “Tottenham has decided to invoke the option of extending its current contract with captain Son Heung-min until 2026,” global sports media 토토사이트 said, adding that the team will only invoke the option of extending the contract for one year, not the option for a long-term contract.

It appeared to extend the contract until the summer of 2026

Tottenham was expected to extend his contract until the summer of 2026, invoking the option of extending his contract by one year. Then, the interpretation that Son could even seek to break up with him next summer, when he turns 33.

The view that Son will be sold is not something that Tottenham cannot understand in terms of money. Son denied that he was willing to go even if he was offered an offer from the Saudi Arabian League, which he has been receiving since last summer. He even put out a quote that says, “The captain of the Korean national team does not go to Saudi Arabia.” However, unlike Son who gives up a large salary, if Tottenham sends Son Heung-min, 33, it is possible to recover a considerable amount of the transfer fee or annual salary that has been paid to Son Heung-min.

The Saudi league is aggressive in recruiting players around the same age as Son. It offered more than 100 million pounds to Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, who is the same age as Son, and Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, who is a year older than Son. Some claim that Salah and De Bruyne are better performers than Son, but it is not strange to say that Son is also offered a total of 100 billion won from the Middle East.

However, a new opinion has emerged. Analysts say that the invocation of the option to extend one year with Son is a preliminary step for Tottenham to secure a stable new contract.

He proved to be Tottenham’s best player in leadership and skills.

Son was chosen as the club’s first non-European captain under newly appointed Australian coach Ange Postecoglou last summer. He has also proven to be Tottenham’s best player in leadership and skills.

Son Heung-min was almost as influential as the coach on the ground, setting a mental example for the players both in good and bad times for Tottenham.

He was also the best in terms of play. He erased the “Son Heung-min’s decline” that had been proposed during the 2022-2023 season. Son scored 17 goals and 10 assists in the 2023-2024 season, achieving his third “10-10” in the Premier League. This is a milestone achieved by only six players including Son in the Premier League.

In terms of pure goals, he added 17 league goals and scored 120 goals in the Premier League alone, ranking 22nd in all-time goals along with Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard.

He has also rewritten the club’s history. Son has scored 162 goals since joining Tottenham, ranking fifth in the club’s history of goals overall. He has narrowed his gap with fourth place to 12 goals. He has also set a new record of playing in 400 matches for the 14th time in Tottenham’s career against West Ham United in April, and he also became the third player in the club to play in 300 Premier League matches against Liverpool last month.

There is a possibility that he will score more than 10 goals in the season.

The mood has changed. If Tottenham, which missed out on Harry Kane last summer, pushes away even Son, it will inevitably face huge difficulties in forming a club identity that is larger than a certain amount of cash right away. If necessary, Legend could also face huge losses in the mid- to long-term, giving the impression that it is a “buckling” team.

According to Son Heung-min’s recent management, even if he signs a three- to four-year contract, he is likely to score more than 10 goals in the season as he is now.

It seems a realistic way for Tottenham to extend its contract with club legend Son Heung-min to find a replacement for Son Heung-min. Attention is drawn to Tottenham’s decision this summer.

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