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Professional Billiards PBA Participates in SPOX

Professional Billiards PBA Participates in SPOEX, Korea’s Largest Sports and Leisure Industry Exhibition

Professional Billiards PBA is participating in Korea’s largest sports and leisure industry exhibition to promote the excellence of ‘K-Billiard Products’ to the world.

The Professional Billiards Association (PBA) will participate in the ‘2024 Seoul International Sports and Leisure Industry Exhibition’ (SPOEX), which will be held at COEX in Seoul for four days starting on the 22nd. 온라인카지노

SPOX, which has been held since 2001, is Asia’s representative sports exhibition representing the sports and leisure industry.

About 350 domestic and foreign sports companies will participate in this industrial exhibition, jointly hosted by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation and the Korea International Trade Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

The PBA set up an exhibition hall to promote professional billiards and promote the excellence of globally competitive domestic billiards products and PBA official products.

In the exhibition hall, you can see products from PBA official supply companies Fromm (tables), Cosmos (billiard balls), and Gorina (billiard cloth and cue).

In addition, various events will be held for visitors, including ‘Beat the PBA Players’, which will allow visitors to compete directly with players representing the PBA, such as Jae-ho Cho (NH Nonghyup Card) and Yoo-ram Cha, at the billiards table set up in the PBA exhibition hall.

We also hold a ‘High Run Event’ and an Instagram event where you score the most points at once.

We will give away free tickets to the Crown Haitai PBA-LPBA Championship finals, which will be held until the 3rd of next month, as well as various gifts such as billiards supplies and coffee gifticons.

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