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Olympic Triple Gold Medalist’ Ansan Happy with Juniors and Finals

Ansan, the triple gold medalist in archery at the Tokyo Olympics, evaluated Lim Si-hyeon, the youngest member of the national team, whom he met in the Asian Games recurve final, as “a player who shoots well and refreshingly.”

Ansan defeated Hailigan (China) with a set score of 7-3 (30-30 28-25 28- 28 28-28 30-25) and advanced to the finals.

Previously, Ansan faced Choirunisa Dyananda (Indonesia) in the quarterfinals. In the first set, the first shot was scored at 9 points.

The second arrow accurately hit 10 points. Dyananda scored 9 points for the second time in a row.

Ansan scored 9 points with the last shot, and Dyananda scored 10 points, giving them 1 point each. 스포츠토토

In the second set, Ansan shot the first shot to 10 points. On the other hand, Dhyananda got 9 points correct.

Ansan hit the 9th point with his second shot, and Dyananda narrowly missed the 9th point.

It wavered on the third foot. Ansan only scored 8 points. Dhyananda got 9 points correct.

The second set was also tied at 27-27, with one point shared.

took the lead in the 3rd set. Ansan scored 10 points in three consecutive innings and recorded a perfect score. Dyananda scored only 9 points, 10 points, and 9 points. At 30-28, Ansan started to lead 4-2.

In the 4th set, Dyananda showed some strength.

While Ansan scored 9 points, 9 points, and 9 points, they scored 10 points, 8 points, and 9 points, tying the score at 27-27. The set score was 5-3.

The match was decided in the final 5 sets.

The first shot for both players was 9 points.

While Dyananda’s second arrow hit the 9-pointer, Ansan’s shot hit the 10-pointer.

Dyananda hit the third shot at 10 points, but Ansan finished with 10 points and won with a set score of 7-3 (28-28 27-27-30-28 27-27 29-28).

The semifinal opponent was decided to be Hailigan, who defeated Tomomi Sugimoto (Japan) with a set score of 7-3 (24-27 28-27 29-26 28-28 29-28).

The semifinals were comfortable.

From the first set, both hit all three shots for 10 points, resulting in a draw at 30-30, making the set score 1-1.

However, Hailigan faltered in the second set, and Ansan won a complete victory with 28-25.

The third set was tied 28-28, and Ansan entered the fourth set with a set score of 4-2.

The fourth set was also tied at 28-28, making the set score 5-3.

Ansan’s second shot was initially judged to be 9 points, but was later corrected to 10 points.

In the 5th set, the joys and sorrows of the two were divided. As Ansan scored 30 points, Heiligan took the last shot, scoring 6 points. Ansan won a complete victory.

In the previous match, Im Si-hyeon, the youngest member of the archery team, defeated Rizemann (China) and advanced to the finals.

Ansan also advanced to the finals, securing both gold and silver medals in Korea.

Ansan, who met with reporters in the mixed zone (joint coverage area) after the game, said, “Because we are going to the finals together with the Korean player, it doesn’t matter which one of the two will be,” but added, “I hope we can compete in good faith together.”

Ansan won three archery medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

However, in this year’s Asian Games national team selection, the youngest, Im Si-hyeon, took first place.

Ansan, who has been living next to him, probably knows Im Si-hyeon’s skills better than anyone else.

Ansan commented, “Sihyeon shoots well and refreshingly. She is a good player.”

Earlier, Im Si-hyun told reporters that Ansan was a ‘no-pressure opponent.’ Ansa also added, “I don’t think Sihyeon is a burdensome opponent.

I think it came from the thought that since the two of us are so close, we can play a little more comfortably.”

The finals will be held on the 7th. There is still a lot of time left. In the meantime, team competitions are also scheduled.

Ansan said, “Actually, I came to Hangzhou with a clearer goal for the team event than the individual event,” and added, “I plan to focus a little more on the team event with Lim Si-hyun and Choi Mi-seon in the team event than the individual event.”

He continued, “I think I’m more greedy because we’re together.

I felt it at the last Olympics, but I thought winning a medal as a team was a very proud and valuable thing in itself.

So I want to focus more on the team event,” and emphasized that he would aim for a team medal. did.

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