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Lionel Messi’s throat was cut.

Lionel Messi’s throat was cut.

Hong Kong fans are outraged. Messi’s club, Inter Miami, was visiting Hong Kong as part of a preseason tour. They played the Hong Kong All-Stars on the 4th. The Barcelona quartet was left out of the starting lineup, and Messi and Luis Suarez, 바카라사이트 who the fans wanted so badly, were not even on the bench. Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba came on in the second half, but that didn’t calm the fans’ anger. By the end of the game, fans were chanting for a refund, according to Hong Kong’s Yahoo. One fan took a soccer kick to Messi’s spine on the field. Messi’s head flew off.

“We wanted to play him for a few minutes, but we decided it was too risky,” explained coach Herrardo Martino after the game. “We saw how he was feeling and let him train, but in the afternoon we made a final assessment of his condition and made a decision.” Martino apologized to the Hong Kong fans, saying, “Messi suffers from muscle inflammation and we couldn’t push him too hard as the start of the league is just around the corner.”

The fans’ anger is understandable. The day before the game, Inter said Messi was fine and would be available to play in the morning. However, 15 minutes before kickoff, the club announced that Messi was unable to play due to injury and offered no explanation to the fans. “According to the contract, Messi should have played at least 45 minutes,” 안전놀이터 the Hong Kong Daily reported. Hong Kong fans who had traveled to see Messi were furious that they had been victimized by the “scam of the century. It was reminiscent of Cristiano Ronaldo’s no-show in the summer of 2019.

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