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Korean police arrest suspect behind murder of Korean tourist in Pattaya

Local police discover the body of a 34-year-old Korean tourist inside a black plastic container filled with cement from a reservoir in Pattaya, Thailand, on May 11, in this photo from a local Thai news outlet. Courtesy of www.

A man in his 20s has been arrested in Korea on suspicion of involvement in the murder and abandonment of the body of a Korean tourist in Pattaya, Thailand, police officials said Monday.The suspect was nabbed at his residence Sunday evening and put under emergency arrest, according to the Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency.Police have been tracing the whereabouts of the suspect, who is one of the three Koreans suspected of kidnapping and murdering a Korean national in his 30s in Pattaya.

Over the weekend, Thai police discovered the victim’s body inside a black plastic container filled with cement in a reservoir in Pattaya after his mother received a warning from an unknown man that her son would be killed if a ransom was not paid, according to local media and the Korean Embassy in Thailand.The Korean police confirmed that one of the three suspects had returned to his home country from Thailand.”Details of the case cannot be disclosed as it is currently under investigation,” a police official 온라인카지노 said.

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