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Iron Wall Korean Air Completely Defeats Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance

In men’s volleyball, Korean Air completely defeated Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance with an ‘iron wall’ of blocking.

Korean Air surpassed Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in height.

After tying the score at 16-16 with Kim Gyu-min’s blocking in the first set,

they took the lead with Lim Dong-hyuk’s blocking, and took the first set with momentum. 토토사이트

Korean Air, which boasted an iron wall by succeeding in 3 blocks in the 2nd set,

blocked Samsung Fire & Marine’s attack by building a wall in the right place in the 3rd set.

Second-place Korean Air recorded 11 blocks,

three times more than third-place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and won a 3-0 set score, widening the point gap to 5 points.

Main gun Murad led the team to victory with 23 points, including 3 blocks

In the women’s division, the Road Corporation defeated Pepper Savings Bank 3-0, led by Bukiric who scored 28 points.

Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranked bank,

lost 16 games in a row and continued its endless slump.

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