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“I want to win the championship and be MVP,” says KT Paris Bath after entering the KBL

After joining the KBL, Bass has set his sights on a championship and MVP honors.

Suwon KT won a 75-73 victory over Seoul Samsung in a scrimmage on Tuesday at the KT Victory Center in 바카라사이트 Suwon, Gyeonggi-do.

New foreign player Paris Bass (28, 207 cm) was the star of the game. She finished with 24 points and nine rebounds. He also scored the game-winning tip-in with the score tied at 73-73. Bass, who arrived in the U.S. on June 6, has been working on getting up to speed with his teammates since returning from training camp in Japan.

Speaking after the scrimmage, Bass said, “Today (Feb. 20) was my first game playing with (Michael) Eric. I’m still getting to know my teammates. Heo Hoon and Ha Yoon-ki need time to join the team. We’re getting there through training, and I think we’re becoming a good team, so we’re adjusting well.”

Bass, who went undrafted in the 2017 NBA Draft, has spent the last three seasons playing in Puerto Rico. For him, the KBL is his first time in Asia. Bass chose the KBL on the recommendation of Lester Prosper, who played for KT last season.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Korea from people I know. When I came here, I liked the culture, like the food. Prosper recommended me because he played for KT last season. (Kofi) Coburn at Samsung and (Alize) Johnson at (Jeonju) KCC have also played a lot, so I know them well.” Bass said.

Bass’ strength is his outside game. He also has ball-handling skills, which will be utilized. However, in the KBL, he is sometimes forced to play perimeter defense. In the scrimmage against Samsung, he struggled with Coburn’s post-ups.

“I’m trying to be a player who plays according to coach (Song) Young-jin’s requirements,” Bass said. For example, if he asks me to play defense, I’ll focus on defense, and if he asks me to play ball handling or run the offense, I’ll do that as well. Even if I’m on the bench, I’ll work hard and encourage my teammates,” he said.

“I’m not in perfect shape right now. I’m lifting weights every morning, so I think I’ll get better and better. If we can adapt to the defense under the basket, I think we can overcome it.”

After failing to make the playoffs last season, KT has a new coach in Song Young-jin, who also acquired KBL’s top defender Moon Sung-gon in the free agency market. If Bass can show good synergy with domestic players such as Heo Hoon, Ha Yoon-ki, and Moon Sung-gon, the team is expected to reach high heights.

“My goal is to win the championship and MVP. I want to win the championship and share the joy with my teammates,” he said in a short and bold statement.

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