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There was some good news for the SSG Landers in the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), who are in second place behind the KT Wiz and need to keep up with the NC Dinos in fourth place. SSG foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia (32) was named to the first team roster on the 29th.Heredia was included in the starting lineup as the No. 4 designated hitter, even though his scheduled game against the Incheon Kiwoom Heroes was canceled due to rain. Heredia was sidelined from the first team roster on April 4 with a strained left thigh muscle (iliopsoas). Initially, it looked like he would need a month of rehabilitation, but Heredia has turned the clock back a little faster. “Choi Jeong-jeong and Heredia are effective when they bat third and fourth,” said SSG head coach Kim Won-hyung, “and we expect that effect again now that Heredia is back.” Heredia was batting .332 with 11 home runs, 58 RBIs and 10 doubles before being sidelined by injury. His on-base percentage (.396) and slugging percentage (.492) are the highest among foreign hitters this season, and his on-base percentage (.504-LG Twins) is second among foreign players .Despite the confluence of bad luck, SSG went 9-9 (.500 winning percentage) from April 4-28 during Heredia’s absence, which is a worse winning percentage than the entire regular season (59-47-1, .557).Notably, the team batted .248 during that stretch, which ranked ninth, and the team OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging percentage) was .683, which ranked ninth .With Heredia’s return, SSG’s batting lineup has been solidified. It should also reignite the batting title race. Heredia led the team in batting average until August 4, but while he was away, Koo Ja-rook (0.342-Samsung Lions) and Son As-seop (0.338-NC) took over. Yang Ji (0.326-Dusan Bears), Hong Chang-ki (0.325-LG), and Kim Hye-sung (0.324-KEUM) are also closing in on Heredia. No foreign hitter has led the KBO in batting average since Eric Thames (then NC) topped the category in 2015 with a .381 average. If a healthy Heredia can raise his batting average, he could become the first foreign hitter to win the batting title in eight 카지노사이트 years.

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